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5, Mar. 2016 Reply

tired of receiving these calls

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15, Dec. 2015 Reply

This company calls repetitively at least 3 times per week.

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25, Apr. 2015 Reply

The lady that spoke disguised her voice until I said I was not a senior citizen & do not call again.then her voice changed to a normal tone.

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12, Jan. 2015 Reply

Recorded message to reduce my rates.

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8, Jan. 2015 Reply

Just a hang up on my cell phone. Don't know anyone in or around Fulton, Ky.

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10, Oct. 2014 Reply

also call here often and don't leave a message sometimes twice in a row!

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13, Aug. 2014 Reply

I received a call from 270-681-4580 on 8-11-14 at 12:58pm. Did not recognize it so I did not answer it and they left no message Read more at http://www.whycall.me/270-681-4580.html#AkwZLzCAcwHppHee.99

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3, Jul. 2014 Reply

This number called us so many times.

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16, Jan. 2014 Reply

Still calling. I am no Do Not Call List! Do Not Call me Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you understand me?

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26, Dec. 2013 Reply

I don't ever listen long enough to know what something is once I know it's a recording so I have no idea what this call was about. Sure get tired of them though!

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16, Dec. 2013 Reply

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6, Dec. 2013 Reply

I receive a call from this number several times per day. I do not answer. I wish they'd stop calling!

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2, Oct. 2013 Reply

I never answer. Sometimes I'll try and call back to find out who it is or what they wanted but it never says anything.

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27, Jun. 2013 Reply

this same company called the day before yesterday......

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13, Jun. 2013 Reply

This number has called me twice a day for the past two weeks. I have answered it but it is a recording. I have tried to return the call to tell them to STOP calling. It will not stop.

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9, Jun. 2013 Reply

this is my third complaint. The caller said she is not able to take my name off the call list! I told her i will be filing a complaint.

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8, Jun. 2013 Reply

this company has called before, but doesn't leave a message.

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16, May. 2013 Reply

same number calling me @ 8:31 saying there law office on my cell..

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2, May. 2013 Reply

This was a recording asking if I wanted to speak with them. This is the first call I have received from this number. These people MUST BE STOPPED. Please take action against this company; it is breaking the law.

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16, Jan. 2013 Reply

I get 3 calls a day from this. Really tired of it. I do not answer them, just want them to STOP!!!!!

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27, Nov. 2012 Reply

they call my house about 3 times a week!

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30, Jun. 2012 Reply

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9, Mar. 2012 Reply

calls every day...sometimes twice...3-4 rings....