Area Code 269

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Area code: 269
State: Michigan
Country: USA
12, Dec. 2017

Called my phone 20 times over 5 min fro, 250pm today to 255pm today. I

8, Dec. 2017

I left a report on a separate website already, but I saw that this one had a far more recent one so I thought I'd leave another detailing my experience. I started receiving messages from this number when I was sixteen (so about mid-2014). I recieved (in order of perverseness, not occurrence) sexually explicit text messages, texts with links to pornography, perverted phone calls calling me "bitch" demanding photos of my "wet pussy", voicmails of him possibly touching himself, pictures of his penis, and a video of him masturbating. I wasn't able to block his number and I didn't have access to internet so I couldn't get an app. I ignored him. I recieved more texts a few months later, which I ignored again. A few months after that I got more but by that time I'd gotten a new phone that could block him in the settings. I did so. A year or so later I recieved more messages from another number. Only the last four digits were different. I blocked him again. I'm now 20 and recently I recieved a text just saying "Hey" from a (269) 455 number. I haven't recieved anything else thus far. I'm hoping it isn't him. I've read in other reports that he'd been reported to the police but those were almost two years ago and he'd sent messages since then. I just thought I'd leave a comment because I'm not sure if he's getting new numbers or he has an app that changes it whenever he needs. Whoever this guy is needs some serious help.

8, Dec. 2017

I got a call on my cellphone, but no message left.

8, Dec. 2017

He was selling credit card processing services.

7, Dec. 2017

I would still like to speak to him.

6, Dec. 2017

Several calls, stated they were a student loan forgiveness program from the government. Scam!!

5, Dec. 2017

it's a scam Caribbean number that keeps calling

5, Dec. 2017

They call 4-5 weekly using different numbers.

1, Dec. 2017

Called again 10/27/13/ 6:21 PM

1, Dec. 2017

I wish they would stop calling!

30, Nov. 2017

(see also 2063971127, 2063971159, 2063971299, 4254069317, 5419814313) Ranking Company this company continues to call with different numbers please prosecute!

30, Nov. 2017

Also under Bluffton, In at 10:47 AM 10/30

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