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  • Regional statistics: Galesburg, Michigan has a population of 238603 that is in a county of 93479 units. The city is in a county that is 562 square miles. 269-200 is available through the regional telephone switch # SFLDMIDNDS3 in the Galesburg area.
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3, Nov. 2017

They continue to say my computer is infected and

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22, Nov. 2014

This company continues to call after many requests to stop.

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14, Nov. 2014

Answered call. Dead silence then dial tone.

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21, Feb. 2013

They also use automated dialers that hang up on you if you answer.

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30, Dec. 2012

Sometimes they call from other numbers, too.

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29, Nov. 2012

Research shows they may be coming from a guest house on some property owned on Morhouse Dr, Galesburg, MI. The guest house is top right of the back yard sunken swimming pool. The property butts up against the wooded area behind the property. Perhaps the owners know their guest house phone line has been tapped. I had # calling blocked by Alltel and I haven't had any more calls from that #.

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27, Jun. 2012

This is a trade magazine subscription renewal service calling to update their info on you so they can renew a free subscription. They will call you a few times a day if you have a subscription up for renewal. I do not think they are actually in Michigan and have some type of software that automatically makes their area code match the one in which they are calling (people more likely to answer a "local" call rather than some odd area code that is most likely a telemarketer). They also share info with other trade magazines so once you're signed up with one, you will get calls frequently. I like the free trade magazines but the frequent phone calls to update info and amount of spam-like emails you receive make it more of a hassle than its worth.

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13, Mar. 2012

Please stop these unsolicitaed calls to my cell phone.