Phone: 268-762-0130

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Around 40% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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19, Jan. 2014

20, Jan. 2014

One ring call. Apparently, a scammer. But I'm not silly enough to call it back to verify. ;-)

22, Jan. 2014

called me 4 times

22, Jan. 2014

I contacted my service provider (Verizon) about the call. I made the mistake of calling back in hopes it was a job. People have been charged boat loads for answering or calling back. Verizon fixed any issues that might occur. It's a scam.

30, Jan. 2014

One ring call. Got one yesterday from a very similar number. (268) 762-0013 Like an idiot I called back. Guess I should call my service provider. On the plus side, their waiting for operator music wasn't bad.

30, Jan. 2014

phone rang two times, then hung up.

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