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5, Dec. 2014

They keep calling.

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15, Nov. 2014

Rang, no one there

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7, Aug. 2014

Recorded call that doesnt identify who they are. They call multiple times and have tried to opt out to no avail

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27, Aug. 2013

They call both my numbers, which are both on donotcall list. I have tried their opt out option, did not work. I have tried calling back and was hung up on by whoever answered. I just am so sick of these calls. Being on the Do Not Call list is not helping. I sleep days. I need to be reached by family in an emergency. I do not pay for a phone to provide them an advertising platform. Why does this continue?

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15, Jun. 2013

They call 2-3 times a day for the past week now. It started with a call last week.

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13, Dec. 2012

they call almost daily and often from different phone numbers. Been calling for months.

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2, Nov. 2012

They call every day. I have told them to put me on their do not call list, told them to stop calling me...politely and not so politely.

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6, Oct. 2012

They call this number more then one. When i pick up, a recording message come out but when you try to call back to let them know to stop calling there is no ring tone or any sound on the other line.

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15, May. 2012

This number keeps calling