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12, Jan. 2016 Reply

Phone call states something like the FBI has reported breakins.

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20, May. 2014 Reply

You can't tell them to stop calling when it is automated. After the message, you get clicks and then disconnected. The stress from these calls has driven me to the brink of suicide to stop them.

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30, Sep. 2013 Reply

They call everyday. I have tried to answer but nothing on the line. I have called the number and get a busy signal. Thank you for your assistance.

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14, Mar. 2013 Reply

This is the fifth call. I stayed on line and told them to remove my number. They will not stop calling.

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29, Dec. 2012 Reply

These people state they can tell your computer has a virus from a remote location and when asked to be removed, you get profanity thrown at you.

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15, Nov. 2012 Reply

Repeated calls; no message ever left.

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16, Feb. 2012 Reply

a few calls of this nature on my end as well