Area Code 256

Additional information:

Area code: 256
State: Alabama
Country: USA
23, Sep. 2017

I have never had a Verizon cell account.

23, Sep. 2017

I have been on the Do Not Call list for over 1 year.

23, Sep. 2017

Called several times, keeps calling even I asked to be removed from their list.

22, Sep. 2017

I just got this number it might be previous persons calls.

19, Sep. 2017

Guy is drunk and called my company called us horrible names.

15, Sep. 2017

Received another call on 5/30 @ 7:02pm and a third on 5/31 @ 10:40am.

13, Sep. 2017

Called and had very thick accent. Could hear tons of other callers in the background. I could only understand that they were saying they were calling from the US Government but nothing else. When I asked the 3rd time for them to repeat what they were saying slower because I couldn't understand, they hung up on me. This is similar to an experience I had months ago from another number from Washington DC. Call had a terrible connection with lots of static. They said they were representatives from the IRS with the US Government and I told them they did not sound like a representative from the US Government and they hung up on me. Scam!!!

13, Sep. 2017

Make the madness stop

6, Sep. 2017

I picked up even though I ordinarily ignore numbers I don't recognize.

6, Sep. 2017

Thank you and good luck to you in addressing this incessant problem.

31, Aug. 2017

Got a text right away from a man named Timothy for a camera posted on Craigslist for $300 instead wanted to send $450. He mentioned he was from California, asked me to set up a pay pal account and said he was a factory worker. He wanted the camera to be shipped to his fiance via USPS Express and that he had made the payment. After reading everyone's review here, I went ahead and told him I will call the police.

30, Aug. 2017

Hang up

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