Phone: 256-665-9605

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Huntsville, Alabama
Its exchange 665 is managed by INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, INC
The number is currently on switch number HNVIAL180MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 44% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 9 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "no name given, middle east"
Another anon
25, Feb. 2014

I missed their call and returned it because we shared the same area code. They had a recorded message saying to call back during business hours specifying that they should be during pacific time. I live in the central time zone. I suspect a call bot bouncing the calls through a server in Huntsville from a call center in the pacific

26, Feb. 2014

Called me to try and sell me an extended warranty for my car. The caller ID had the same area code as me so I decided to answer. First person was from the middle east who spoke horrible english, and the next two reps they put on the phone spoke perfect english. The male kept trying to get me to purchase an extended warranty for my car, and refused to take NO for an answer. Everytime they would put me on "hold" it sounded like they just put the phone on the table, because I could still hear a lot of chatter in the back ground. Which was a reg flag for me. Don't trust these people!

5, Mar. 2014

some female camel jocky called about warranty for a car I sold 2 years ago. stupid *^#!!!!

14, Mar. 2014

same as above tried to get me to extend warranty on my car. I called back and it was callback during business hours! really getting on my nerves, I blocked the call.

19, Mar. 2014

If I could get my hands on them I would help introduce them to Allah. They just keep calling.

21, Mar. 2014

These idiots keep calling after I told them to remove my number from their calling list...I am on the "Do Not Call" list...that has done a lot of good! Hmmmm

3, Apr. 2014

Said they were vehicle processing department for my husband on my phone. Broken English, middle-eastern sounding.

9, Apr. 2014

I had the same call as Rob reported on 26 Feb 2014. Very difficult to understand sounded middle eastern. He was calling about my sons vehicle. I don't know how he got my cell number to match up with my sons who is out of state. He told me he was with a national company.

9, May. 2014

I keep receiving this call on my cellphone. They don't leave messages.

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