Phone: 254-605-3548

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Cameron, Texas
Its exchange 605 is managed by SOUTHWESTERN BELL - TX
The number is currently on switch number CMRNTXCMRS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 58% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "No name given, Credit Card Services"
9, Jan. 2014 Reply

Call was a recording at first about the need to talk to them ASAP about reducing credit card debt. Stayed on the line and got a person who immediately hung up on me when I said that they need to remove my number from their call list.

11, Jan. 2014 Reply

13, Jan. 2014 Reply


16, Jan. 2014 Reply

Couldn't answer at the time. Did not leave a message. Caller ID said "Cameron TX"

17, Jan. 2014 Reply

Phonies - I blocked it with the new iphone option.

17, Jan. 2014 Reply

Called at 9:25 am. My number has been registered on the do not call list for a long time but for some reason now I am getting more spam calls than ever. These types of phone calls are illegal no matter your status on the do not call list if they are pre - recorded messages. I didn't answer so I do not know, but I am filing formal a complaint regardless.

20, Jan. 2014 Reply

Second time they called me. Listened to the recording pressed one got some guy he asked if i was calling to lower my interest rates. i said no i'm calling because i don't have a credit card and i don't know how you got my number. he hung up right away ... wow! GREAT SERVICE! (NOT)

23, Jan. 2014 Reply

This number is a scam credit card debt reduction company. It starts out as a prerecorded message but you can get to a person. Don't bother telling them to go to hell. Now I get called every 2 weeks for the past year! Their numbers come from all over the country not just Cameron, TX.

24, Jan. 2014 Reply

another scam

24, Jan. 2014 Reply

Got a call from this number today at 9:14am. For those that want to file coplaints, go to or check with your own state's Attorney General office. Both government agencies handle consumer complaints regarding such frauds and scammers.

24, Jan. 2014 Reply

called several times, when I answer its quiet then ends. If I call back I get a busy tone. I have an accent, I don't know if its a factor.

25, Jan. 2014 Reply

My experience is like others that have posted on this and other numbers. -I am on a no call list -These calls come from all over the country -When I wait for a live person and tell them that I want to be removed from their list, the caller abruptly hangs up What can you do? Irritating. These people wouldn't working this scam unless some sucker is a willing participant.

25, Jan. 2014 Reply

I received the call however did not answer because I don't know anyone from Texas. I called back after reading this forum and there was absolutely no answer- just a busy 'disconnect' signal. It is certainly a scam.

27, Jan. 2014 Reply

I currently have 19 different phone numbers blocked on my phone from this credit card debt reduction service. There is no way to get them to stop calling you. I even asked when they were going to quit calling me and was told "NEVER" and then hung up on.

27, Jan. 2014 Reply

"Cardservices" -- scammer. Filed an immediate complaint with Do Not Call:

29, Jan. 2014 Reply

phone rings............can hear someone making a little noise from movement on that end .......HELLO ? HELLO ? they standing right next to your car ...outside...thought you wanted to go to lunch ?

29, Jan. 2014 Reply

Stupid people think I'll fall for them being a credit card company - WHY doesn't the cell no call list really work??

16, Jun. 2014 Reply

Scammer. You know it's a scammer when they say (in the recorded message) that they are from "Card services" but don't tell you which company....and then tell you it's "urgent." Yeah right.

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