Area Code 253

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Area code: 253
State: Washington
Country: USA
25, May. 2017

Received a robo prececorded call on 5/25 from the IRS innforming me of the usual arrest warrant and property seizure. I called back just to have some fun and the. first time allowed the scammed with an unmistakable Indian Subcontinent accent but was eventuslly hung up upon. I continued to call back over and over informing the Indian scammers I can do this all day.just to annoy them. By the 4th call the number had either been taken down or they blocked my calls. Either way, it was most satisfying. What's disconcerning is they had my full name. These people will stop at nothing. Report them to your local FBI Field Office and your county district attorney's office.

25, May. 2017

I do not answer and will not answer.

25, May. 2017

Called the number back, it went to a machine identifying as "United Breast Care," so it was likely someone fishing for donations. Remember, if you want your money to go to cancer research, write a check directly to a cancer center, lab, etc. never to a charity.

23, May. 2017

These guys call multiple times/day. If I call the number back I get a busy signal.

23, May. 2017

I told her to immediately remove my number I have not had any contact with them, nor did I want them using my cell phone minutes, and she promply hung up on me.

22, May. 2017

He sent me obscene nudity pictures

22, May. 2017

Here are the names and numbers that do appear on caller ID: C.

Ms P
22, May. 2017

Called twice back to back, rejected first call, accidentally answered the second time, Said hello and that the call was recorded.then her name then asked if I could hear her. I told her not very well and what was the call regarding. Said she was with Helping Hands and was calling on behalf of some cruise line. Definitely some kind of solicitation.

19, May. 2017

They use different numbers st times and they ask for me by name.

18, May. 2017

They originally said they were from Dell but when I said I don't have a Dell and how did they get such info anyway they switched to a new story.

17, May. 2017

Today, I spoke to a very nasty female whom DEMANDED that I give them $50.00!

17, May. 2017

Please put the owners of this number in prison.

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