Area Code 253

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Area code: 253
State: Washington
Country: USA
17, Oct. 2018

I never answer numbers I don’t know but did answer this one since the area code was Kent, WA and I live somewhat nearby. I answered and a guy said his name was Mike calling from fire fighter—- then It cut off to silence and they hung up. I don’t get these calls... I even answered and they just hang up? What kind of scam is that?

16, Oct. 2018

There was no name shown on the ID except the phone number.

12, Oct. 2018

Have called my cell 10 times today, leaving a voice mail stating there is a lawsuit regarding IRS

12, Oct. 2018

Today was the first time I answered, they never leave voicemail.

10, Oct. 2018

Guy said he was from a "Home owners association"...ya, right. I didn't respond to them after my initial "hello". Asked if I was still there so wasn't figured it wasn't a "robo call". I hung up.

10, Oct. 2018

This person I actually spoke with once... He is a smartass and very pushy... Now he calls and makes ubscene noises... If this is actually a business he has no right working for them...

10, Oct. 2018

I called to see who it was and only got a recorded message to press one if I wanted to be on their do not call list, never letting me know who it even was.

10, Oct. 2018

Says the IRS filing lawsuit.

8, Oct. 2018

First it was a recorded message, I pressed 1 and asked them to take me off of their calling list.

8, Oct. 2018

They have called multiple times over the last 3 weeks at all times of the day.

8, Oct. 2018

I keep receiving telephone calls from the same company but the numbers are always different, usually coming in from Kent, today this one from Fife. I keep blocking the numbers so they call back in a few days on a different number. When I answer it is an automated message starting out as "this is Conner" then a few words and the automatic call is disconnected.

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6, Oct. 2018


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