Area Code 253

Additional information:

Area code: 253
State: Washington
Country: USA
18, Jan. 2018

Very threatening call from Washington state. Claimed to be IRS, I hung up, blocked and deleted the number. Want this documented!!

18, Jan. 2018

does not show up on my call history just goes strait to voicemail. scammer for sure

18, Jan. 2018

A garbled recorded message could be heard on answering machine, but none of it was intelligible.

18, Jan. 2018

Received a text message --asking if I was looking for a job. Requesting to call this number. Is this legit?

18, Jan. 2018

I told them I had gieco and they ended the call, called back asking how they got my number they said it was in their data base, hung up. Called back, same chick, asked again specifically where they pull those numbers from then asked for a manager. They blocked me.

17, Jan. 2018

It is always a voicemail recording asking for my feedback for survey questions.

17, Jan. 2018

no option to stop receiving calls is avaiable.

17, Jan. 2018

These idiots have now called me on three consecutive days even though I told them to stop on day one

16, Jan. 2018

I get at least 4 calls a day, even on weekends! I’ve answered it once, was a Robo call for a personal safety device. Asked not to be contacted again, hung up on me

16, Jan. 2018

Very difficult to get a name or phone number .

15, Jan. 2018

I googled the phone number and there are a lot of complaints about this telemarketer calling several times a day.

14, Jan. 2018

I received one call per day for three days in a row from the same number.

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