Phone: 253-620-7329

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Tacoma, Washington
Its exchange 620 is managed by TELEPORT COMMUNICATIONS SEATTL
The number is currently on switch number STTLWANEDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 42% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
There has been a total of 42 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Alliance One John Green, John Green"
9, Jan. 2013

Had a relative's name. Gave a number to call but no indication as to why. Another web site said number used by Alliance One of Tacoma, a collection agency, but I don't have time to verify.

tired of this in cali
8, Feb. 2013

left a message for my son who hasn't lived here in over a decade. this was the call back number for "chris house." yes, it seems to belong to alliance one, which is a debt collector with an office in gig harbor, washington. he's 33 & it's not my problem!

14, Feb. 2013

Same as above, left a message for my 33 year old son who doesn't now- and never has- lived here. Same message- "This is a Message for _____- please call Chris' house" Caller ID shows this number: 800-254-9917. message is to call this number: 253-620-7329

27, Feb. 2013

Identified on Caller ID as Alliance One, 800-254-9917,a collection agency for most local jurisdictions of court. I have a few photo tickets which are up to 3 years old. Don\\\'t make an arrangement with these guys unless you have a written agreement which spells out what they will do if you pay all on time. If you don\\\'t they can double up the amount due and take your paychecks.

1, Mar. 2013

We've gotten a number of these calls looking for someone I don't know to call Chris House at 253-620-7329. I called the 800 number someone else listed above and after being on hold for around five minutes I spoke to an operator who said she'd remove our number from their calling lists. We will see if this works but at least she was friendly.

2, Mar. 2013

This number repeatedly calls our house asking for 2 people we've NEVER heard of. We've owned our home for 7 years. We continually press 1 to be removed and it never stops. Just called and left them a clear message letting them know that my number is to not be called again or I file be taking action against them. I am beyond sick of this and cannot even count the number of times we've been called from their annoying automated message cener.

10, Mar. 2013

same as above. person they are calling about is a deceased relative.

2, Apr. 2013

This number is Alliance One. Though I appreciate the need for a collection industry, I wish Alliance would vet their contact numbers. We're a place of business and try to exercise good customer service; however, Alliance keeps calling for a person never employed at our business. Frustrating at best and ironic that their nusiance tactic is not a nusiance for the person from whom they are attempting to collect.

9, Apr. 2013

I had had it. I called once a long time ago (2 months - they\'ve been calling for someone we don\'t know for at least 3 months) and I got put on hold by a machine for 1 or 2 minutes before I hung up. Today they called again, so I called back and put the speaker on and waited them out. I was on hold for 2 minutes, after that a human answered and asked if I could be put on hold. On hold for three minutes. Finally a human talked to me and told me they would take our number off the call list. We\'ll see.

22, Apr. 2013

Calling 2-5 times a week for a "Mark Randall". This a Mall Security phone number and we've never had anyone by that name. Saying if I am this person or know of him to contact Chris House at 253.620.7329. I called the number to try to get them to stop calling. Quickly received automated message saying AllianceOne. I waited on hold for over 5 min, finally got a rep. Let them know there was no one by that name and she said she would take my number of the list.

23, Apr. 2013

After weekly recorded calls over a period of time, I called this number. I explained that I had the same last name of a former tenant in my apartment building who appears to be a scam artist. I said that I have tried over the years to stop collection calls and harassment because of the name and address confusion. The guy I spoke to immediately asked for my phone number saying he would remove it. Then he hung up. Will it work? Wait and see..

4, Jun. 2013

Same scenario as everyone else. Almost daily messages on my answering machine looking for someone I've never heard of. Thinking of calling them, so would like to hear from others if this has worked. I am also on the "Do not call" list, so don't know why I get these annoying calls.

8, Jun. 2013

They are calling for a person with my first and last name but not the middle name they give. I've been receiving about two to three calls a week from them. This started about a month ago.Appears to be a blanket phone list coverage attempt in order to chase a non payer down. How much will it cost me to have them stop, I wonder?

21, Jun. 2013

Is this a legitimate call? There was a message to call them when I answered the phone. I returned the call and they said they need my daughter's name, address, birthdate, and social security number. How can this be legitimate?

5, Jul. 2013

Also a recorded message for my 33 year old son, who hasn't lived in our home or state for 25 years.

27, Jul. 2013

Similar: Looking for my 35 YO son. I have filed an FCC complaint.

Don't give any Info
24, Aug. 2013

Do not give any info. It will be used against you. Don't give into the fake treats.

10, Sep. 2013

I'm retired and they keep calling me....So every day I call them back and tell them I'm someone else. and try to keep them on the phone a few minutes while I give them all sorts of bogus information.... then they say I'm not in the system....then I insist in talking to their manager and repeat the same bogus info......just takes up time......there manager gets irrated after a few times....Funny.

10, Sep. 2013

same as above, message was left for my husband at his employers number of over 15 years ago (just happens to be his relative) so I called the number they left on the voicemail. They wanted his birth date and address to verify "his account". She would tell me nothing more than that. They wouldn't tell me what it was regarding or what their business was, nor would they release that info to him if he were to call and refuse to give the personal info. She told me to look them up online. How can this not be a scam? Requiring personal info be given over the phone, before they will tell you why they called? Madness.

20, Sep. 2013

We keep receiving a recorded message for my adult son who hasn't lived in our home or state for 20 years. The recording states the call is from "Chris House". My answering machine says the calling number is (253) 620-2230 but the recording requests a call back to "Chris House" at phone number (253) 620-7539.

jamie peters
22, Sep. 2013

These people have been calling my 85 yr old Mother-in-law who lives in Fla. attempting to contact my husband in PA. They call here constantly as well. I finally called them last Wed., explaining that my Father-in-law just past away less than 2 weeks ago and that the Co. knows my husband and I live up North. I was assured they would take my mother-in-law's # off the list. They called her yesterday. Time to get in touch with the State Att. General's office in all three States! Beware as this co. asks for your SS# and account # and will give you no info as to the account they are calling about.

23, Sep. 2013

they are calling one a week.

4, Oct. 2013

Call them back and see how long you can keep them on the phone. Try it with a few people and give a prize for the winner.

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