Phone: 253-236-2033

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Kent, Washington
Its exchange 236 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number STTNWAHODS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 37% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 27 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Bizloans, Ashley"
14, Jun. 2012 Reply

calls all day and at night . filing a law suit

Disgusted in Wi
8, Aug. 2012 Reply

They call multiple times every day. It's a constant interruption on my business lines and costs me money every time because my calls are forwarded to a remote location as I'm not working in the office. Why can't the phone company stop these scum bags.

8, Aug. 2012 Reply

Calls three times a day, no one there.

9, Aug. 2012 Reply

Calls 3-4 days, very annoying and always a pre-recorded message F*K* >_<

10, Aug. 2012 Reply

These b******s are trying to get your CC processing statements, claiming to be "Visa/Matercard". Filing an FCC complaint. They call numerous times each day, an hang up when you ask them to take you off their list.

30, Aug. 2012 Reply

Received yet another call from this number and yet again, no one on the other end. After approx. 5 seconds, it hangs up. I have learned to just let these things go so it doesn't bother me too much, but it needs to be dealt with and these folks need to go to prison. Nuff said

12, Sep. 2012 Reply

They call all day long. I don't answer but it is a hassle because it is my business line..

R Dickinson
5, Oct. 2012 Reply

I have had about 100 calls...I have answered and within 6 seconds the line goes dead...I have "opted out" at least 20 times over the last few weeks...but they keep calling...

28, Nov. 2012 Reply

Receiving calls multiple times a day from this number. I have opted out with no success... they keep calling. Claiming to provide 'free MC/Visa processing'.

30, Nov. 2012 Reply

Calls me night and day after having requested twice to be removed from the call list. One of those times was to a live representative. I explained to him that I am a college student and therefore do not own a business nor do I plan on owning one.

17, Dec. 2012 Reply

These people are driving me nuts. Call every day. I've opted out on their automated system several times. As I was talking with a live rep about having them remove my number she hung up on me. They are still calling, needs to stop.

27, Dec. 2012 Reply

No voice or recording on the other end; the phone rings, and after a few seconds, disconnects.

31, Dec. 2012 Reply

If they are calling about Visa/MC, the number belongs to Empire Payments. Their number is: (888) 440-8472

9, Jan. 2013 Reply

Credit Card services. Calls twice per day for the last 2 weeks. Once caller is a male, the other is a female.

14, Jan. 2013 Reply

No one is ever on the other line. Calls everyday, multiple times for almost 2 years. Someone please kill them!

16, Jan. 2013 Reply

Please stop this automated caller from constantly calling my business number. You can never talk to anyone to get your number off the list - someone in that area needs to get them for harrassment!

MG Bowyer
12, Sep. 2013 Reply

Please get this number to stop calling me. It's persistent.

22, Oct. 2013 Reply

This number called twice in a row, and callerid said "Bizloans". Did not answer either one. I hate these nuisance calls.

1, Nov. 2013 Reply

Get Call Blocking from your phone service. It works. You can only block 15 calls, but by the time you need to delete one to add a new one, they've probably taken you off their list. It's been working well for me.

16, Dec. 2013 Reply

low cost business loans spammer

18, Dec. 2013 Reply

Call multiple times on business line, Won't take name off of caller list. Last call told me to "f" off when I asked them what business they represent.

LE Font
19, Dec. 2013 Reply

It's Dec.18. I've goten 12 calls since Nov.1.

9, Jan. 2014 Reply

call every single day.. spoke to someone LIVE and freaking hangup on me before I told them to remove my number.

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