Phone: 253-231-3067

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Milton, Washington
Its exchange 231 is managed by BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
The number is currently on switch number STTLWAHNDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 20 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "they hung up, Local Office "
3, Jan. 2014

Caller ID says Local Office. No message left. Won't answer phone for unknown callers.

23, Jan. 2014

Fake collection agency. Scammers

27, Feb. 2014

Robotic message says: This is important call from Stellar Recovery. This communications is from a debt collector. Please return the call to: 855-820-5219 shows from 509-590-4845 and from 253-231-3067

28, Apr. 2014

Calls every 20 mins. But doesn't leave a message.

30, Apr. 2014

Started calling at 8:30 and has been trying my number every 30 minutes. Very annoying, never leave a message. Any legitimate caller would leave a message to reply to.

12, May. 2014

Glad I did some checking for this phone number - thanks for the warning folks. Showed up on my caller id as "Local Office" - 253-231-3067

20, May. 2014

Same as the above comments. I made the mistake of answering this once and am getting calls still.

28, May. 2014

Debt collector who is extremely abusive and threatening. The debt was not even legit so I think they must be some sort of scammer trying to prey people who are in's dinner

30, May. 2014

Called at 8:30 am, caller id said Local Office

5, Jun. 2014

Fake collection agency.

7, Jun. 2014

Call came in @ 6:45 PM. I answered and Robo message was to call them about (Unknow) person. Couldn't understand what they were talking about ...caller left ID numbers to return their call. I believe it was a debt collection call as far as I could tell. I'm located in Montana.

20, Jun. 2014

do no call this number any more

J. Connery
24, Jun. 2014

Calling often for various names...not even me. I hear them on my machine all the time and the name changes about every week or two. So far about ten different names have been mentioned so I've been getting these for a while.

30, Jun. 2014

Called at 8:30 am Alaska Time and when I answered they hung up. This isn't the first time they have called.

18, Jul. 2014

called it is a robot wanting you to call them back area code 253 231 3067. Do not return any of these calls scammer trying to scare u !!!!

28, Aug. 2014

They keep calling and I let the answering machine pick up. I don't even bother attemptig to answer.

7, Nov. 2014

Same as you guys have noted, just adding the same for the last few days and today 253 231 3067 just predators looking to scam whomever they can

7, Nov. 2014

Called and no one spoke after I said hello twice. Hung up and blocked the jerks.

8, Dec. 2014

Caller ID says Local Office. No message left. Not the first time they have called. It was 8:30 am AK time and this is the usual time they call about once a week. I don't answer phone for numbers I don't know.

23, Dec. 2014

this woman spoke perfect english looking for me and I should of said I was not who you were looking for and said they are a collection agency and wanted my last 4 number of social and address well I did not give it because if she had social and address and info why ask for it right. scam b***h. I will never answer my phone again. they do not leave a message . stupid people I hate scammer they buy info on people with pass collection and they call you too scare you into paying and your giving them money and its not paying your debt. hell they can kiss my a*s if I do not have any collection active. had in the pass but they have been removed. they scam for this and try to collect and scam you out of money. I got to swear at her the next time they call they will get tired of me. I got the time too make them listen to my answers. lol for them . scam donkeys

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