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  • Regional statistics: Puyallup, Washington has a population of 36675 that is in a county of 260800 units. The city is in a county that is 1676 square miles. 253-200 is available through the regional telephone switch # TKWLWAZSDS0 in the Puyallup area.
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29, Mar. 2018

Called both our cell phones twice no called ID

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23, Feb. 2018

I was not give a chance to opt out.

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28, Jan. 2017

These people call about every 5 days at varying hours sometimes as late as 9 pm

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15, Dec. 2016

Claimed to be from the IRS and I had some issue to tax fraud.

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10, Aug. 2016

it says Voice Mail box is full

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6, Jul. 2016

called me was not a recording was an actual person. Didn't like that I wanted to google who they were. Very annoying.

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27, May. 2016

I received a call from this new number.

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11, Mar. 2016

The only place they could have gotten my info was by cross-referencing a voter database with business data (which shouldn't be legal).

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5, Feb. 2016

they say it is the IRS calling about us and we need to call them back...and gave some no nonsense # to write down....I have not replied. They called twice today...my sister gets the same thing.

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7, Jan. 2016

is this a true number for the IRS?

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17, Dec. 2015

This number calls me all hours of the day.

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17, Nov. 2015

Recorded message say's it's Alley calling and were approved for a loan. They never say a company name other then there a loan company.

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17, Nov. 2015

The voice message states IRS is suing me and to call the number back. They're crazy if they think I'm falling for a scam that easily. A return call will not be made, but I would like to report them to help prevent someone gullible enough to fall for it.

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26, Aug. 2015

Should be reported to the real IRS and let them go after them like they do the conservatives.

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26, Aug. 2015

I received a second call this morning 1/3/14.

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21, Aug. 2015

I have entered the option to be taken off the list but they continue to call.

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5, Jun. 2015

I did not return the calls, because I am not interested.

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28, May. 2015

Called stating he spoke to me a year ago about home repairs which wasn't true.

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18, May. 2015

An supposed army guy called Mike Janda, introduced me to another army guy called Becker.

Gingerbread man
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23, Apr. 2015

Received a call from this Joke. They are totally crossing the line of the law and posing as legal entities and treating comments. I am laughing at you and your fruitless efforts. Pound Sand!

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16, Apr. 2015

Phone rang from this number, silence on line when I picked up the call. Don't know if they hung up or not; I said, "If you can hear me, I can't hear you," and hung up.

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15, Apr. 2015

Looking up the number online, there are several other compliants for the same number.

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13, Feb. 2015

Most of the calls have no Caller ID.

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30, Jul. 2014

They act like they're affiliated with google.

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21, Dec. 2013

When pressing whatever # to talk to someone, I ask to be removed from their calling list - they hang up. Phone # is usually different so can't block them. I receive at least 6 calls a month. Please stop these calls! They start calling in the morning until late at night -7 days a week. Please, please stop these people!

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2, Dec. 2013

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5, Sep. 2013

Asked for someone. (It's a new phone & number for me). I responded "No, and if this is a collector, don't ever call back." To which he replied something like, "Thank you Ma'am, and have a nice day." When I called the number later, a recorded greeting said "B241; test successful."

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24, Apr. 2013

They have the wrong people but we cant get them to stop.

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31, Jan. 2013

These people call daily!!!!

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16, Nov. 2012

Says they are CBCS Services and when I asked what CBCS Services is, she said they take care of personal business matter - so I assume it's a collection agency.

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15, Jul. 2012

These butt headshave been told probably 40 or 50 times to stop calling. They are looking for anyone thats answering the phone and after the computer generated message then some idiot clicks in. Have asked them to stop calling me. It went to deaf ears so I just don't answer the telephone when I see it on caller ID.. Please stop these idiots from calling me.