Area Code 252

Additional information:

Area code: 252
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
26, Jul. 2017

Call comes in every other day about 1 pm, no messages left on recorder.

11, Jul. 2017

Three different calls from number. One on Saturday 7/8/2017 and two so far tonight (7/11/2017). All three calls from different people with heavy Indian or Pakistani accents, and amazingly all of them said their. And was Peter. It's the old "your computer is infected and sending us notifications" scam. I play with them to waste as much of their time as I can before I go over the top and say something that causes them to hang up. I've submitted 3 reports to the FCC about this number so far.

15, Jun. 2017

Just like similar scammers in the past the person asks "Hello, may I speak with Julie?" When you reply there is no Julie they then quickly say nice as you can be: "Well perhaps you can help me." If you don't hang up right away they try to entice you into whatever scam or product they are involved with. B/S!!!

7, Jun. 2017

I'm on the DNC list,why doesn't it work

2, Jun. 2017

Calls started around 7:00 pm and lasted for an hour. Constantly this number would call. It woould show Windsor,NC and then switch to unrestricted. Kept doing this non stop. Would not leave message when call went to voicemail but could hear Indian male accents in background. Most annoying and very intrusive.

23, May. 2017

Calls, leaves no message

23, May. 2017

they have called twice today asking for my daughter but refusing to say who they are. This is extremely rude and they should not be allowed to operate, whoever they are

20, May. 2017

#10110012525600278---do not answer this number scam and harasment call

18, May. 2017

Caller ID indicated the call was from ATT.

17, May. 2017

No one answered, eventually was routed to an answering machine.

17, May. 2017

I asked why they were calling as my number is on the Do-Not-Call-List and girl said she did not know.

16, May. 2017

I just had 2 calls from this number and no message

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