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19, Mar. 2018

they call 5 times in a row and hang up every single time on me.

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16, Sep. 2015

The call comes at around 6 p.m. almost every evening.

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6, Apr. 2015

called my landline this morning 4-6-2015 9:33 a.m. and again with 252-378-3954 and came in as the same as the # 378-3272. It came up on my caller id as Greenville, N.C. I pulled the number up and it brings a map up in the East Carolina University area. I agree with Lynn, No one ever leaves a message, nor sounds like anyone is on the other line.

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24, Sep. 2014

This number has called me twice this week.. I would like to know a way to block this from my call and also have the number investigated.

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19, Nov. 2013

received a call at 11:28 AM EST. voice mail had soft sound of voices in the background, like a "boiler room" operation.

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20, Aug. 2013

This started with a recorded message. When I held on for a rep - it was obviously a scam. As soon as I asked them who they were - they hung up.

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2, May. 2013

no message

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5, Feb. 2013

Received two calls from this number on two of my cellphones-just hung up each time.

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28, Jan. 2013

They call and hangs up!

Jing Lee
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11, Jan. 2013

Scammers trying to sell security system.

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18, Dec. 2012

These annoying recorded calls come in several times a day from different numbers.