Area Code 251

Additional information:

Area code: 251
State: Alabama
Country: USA
27, Feb. 2017

medicare solicitation; reported to FTC

15, Feb. 2017

Long voicemail message left. A "Nicole Smith" claimed she was collecting a debt. No reference number left. No company name given. Script was read quickly, could not understand half the message due to speed and mumbling. Believe it is a scam instead. Blocked number.

14, Feb. 2017

A roto call states that the IRS is sueing me and I better call this number.

14, Feb. 2017

Hung up on me when I asked them to take me off their list.

13, Feb. 2017

They use up my cell minutes and cost ME money!

Fed Up
13, Feb. 2017

This person keeps calling - last night it was after 10:30 and we were in bed sleeping. Saying his name was Jerome and called me baby and wanted to go have some more sex. He said that I gave him my number - which of course is wrong. Told to stop calling and continued to call until I took the phone off the hook. I don't know a Jerome nor have either my husband or myself been to Alabama. This creap needs to get a job,a life and leave people alone.

11, Feb. 2017

I don't know anyone in Fairhope, Alabama. They called my number but, didn't leave a message.

9, Feb. 2017

Caller said he called me on 10/23, that he is with Microsoft, that my computer is sending messages to Microsoft that hackers are trying to get into my computer.

6, Feb. 2017

251-220-3894 - selling porn and doesn't care how old you are.

28, Jan. 2017

Selling security systems.

27, Jan. 2017

They claimed to be with Microsoft & wanted to fix my computer problems.

25, Jan. 2017

He speaks with a heavy, foreign accent.

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