Area Code 250

Additional information:

Area code: 250
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada
22, Apr. 2018

If there is nothing you can do to get this telemarketer from bothering me let me know and I won't waste my time filing future complaints.

21, Apr. 2018

It was a survey telling me to press one.

21, Apr. 2018

Called 11 times in last week.

20, Apr. 2018

Call is abusive and cursing at consumer.

19, Apr. 2018

Some of the calls show a phone number of 0000000000.

16, Apr. 2018

Call back it said number no longer active.

16, Apr. 2018

When I answer the phone no one says anything.

14, Apr. 2018

Today's call was the first call from a local number.

13, Apr. 2018

Ive gotten 2 phone calls in the last 3 hours and all i get for a caller id is ODN.

13, Apr. 2018

When I try to connect to a live person and demand they remove my number from their call list they hang up.

12, Apr. 2018

He says hes in Vancouver and was looking to buy something off of me from Kijiji.. Used some PayPal scam where he asked me to send the package to an address in the states and said I need to send the shipping receipt and tracking number to the "email" of the amount that PayPal sent me to go through... All fake. Don't waste your time with this guy he's a dead-beat Fraudster.

12, Apr. 2018

This is a bi man I met in the Oakanagon area last weekend told me call him Kallie

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