248-429-4201 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "Michigan Caller on ID, N/A"
  • Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
  • Please comment about the number using the form below. It will help us learn more about the scam and raise awarness.

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17, Nov. 2012

A call from this number comes in every day. How can i get this stopped? 248-539-4201

21, Nov. 2012

Asked for my husband, when I said he was not here, they abruptly hung up. Rude and wrong.

25, Nov. 2012

Getting several calls a day with ID of Michigan Call. They won't leave a message.

29, Nov. 2012

They called twice today and hung up every time. Maybe looking for a female voice to answer?

3, Dec. 2012

called number back - claimed they are soliciting charitable contributions so they are exempt from the do not call list

4, Dec. 2012

no answer, calls several times per week. PITA

8, Dec. 2012

Have gotten calls for past two months from this number, never leave a voice mail message. Am on do not call list. I will never answer phone from this caller ID. I get up to two calls per day from them between 9AM and 9 PM.

12, Dec. 2012

Calling everyday and willnot leave message.

13, Dec. 2012

received a called - said hello and they hung up caller id shows # and Oxford, Mi. only

20, Dec. 2012

caller said they were soliciting money for childrens leukemia of america fund. I offered a pledge and was told they would send an envelope for me to send the check in. did not ask for any credit card info.

29, Dec. 2012

Daily calls answering gets a dial tone, request to speqqk to me, solicitation for the Leukemia Society, rude, will not take no for an answer.

5, Jan. 2013

They said Hello and hanged up.

Friggin' Annoyed!
13, Jan. 2013

This # calls me twice a day! I pick up each time and no one answers and they never leave a message. When I call back, all I get is a fast busy signal.

13, Jan. 2013

daily calls, no vmx

30, Jan. 2013

This is annoying this number have been calling for ever now. This is ridiculous. Please stoppppppppppp!

From AK
31, Jan. 2013

I said "Hello" twice, but no response. There was someone on the other end, but seemed to be having a conversation with someone else, saying things like "that's 150" or something, then hung up. 9a.m. Alaska time.

12, Feb. 2013

This number calls but hangs up before it switches into voicemail. IF I did answer it (I never answer numbers I don't know), there'd be no one there anyway. What's the point, caller???

24, Feb. 2013

they've been calling several times a day for a couple of months; when I see caller ID, I just don't answer. No message left when it goes to my answering machine. I'm on federal and my state's DNC list and I still get calls from this and other numbers I don't recognize and will not answer.

28, Feb. 2013

248 429 4201 These people are a pain in the butt. They don\'t answer but call 3 to 5 times a day

28, Feb. 2013

Call repeatedly after being told to remove my number and then argued with me that it wasn't them calling in the past, must have been some other agency with a similar name. These are the places that should be prohibited on the "no-call" list and they aren't. This list is a huge waste of my time

3, Mar. 2013

Do not answer... Scammers....Unknown what they are after but it is not legit.....could be orginating out of another country and then being rerouted into the USA to look like it is from a local number so that unknowing people will answer the phone....Becarfull with this type of call's......

9, Mar. 2013

Woman asked for my wife. Said it was a "reminder call. I asked who she was - she was rude and didn't answer. We are on the do not call lists and still they call...

3, Apr. 2013

I'm being harassed by this caller: they variously say they're soliciting money for cancer research, then for physical disability care, etc. etc. Stop them!

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