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5, Jan. 2018

It's about free vacations/timeshares.

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17, Dec. 2017

Some months they have called multiple times , six times or more, from each number.

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26, Dec. 2016

This caller also calls several times a day.

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11, Aug. 2016

then someone said hello, I said hello, and then no one answered me.

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31, Jan. 2014

When you call the number back, you are immediately routed to a recorded call explaining how you can enter your phone number into their internal 'do not call database.' I have down this on more than one occasion, and still continue to receive calls from this spammer.

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12, Jan. 2013

Coming in all hours of the day from different numbers

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6, Jan. 2013

These Cock Suckers keep calling me then hanging up. It never stops!!!! Does the "Do Not Call" list do anything?

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3, Nov. 2012

They call my number sometimes. I have follow the direct to take my number off the list. Please help this has got to stop.