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25, Apr. 2017

offered an $1800 four night vacation.

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21, Sep. 2015

They call several times a week and I know they are a scam company.

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26, Jul. 2015

Why do we have a no call listing if you won't enforce it?

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17, Mar. 2015

When I try to talk to someone, the live person actually hangs up on me!

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9, Jun. 2014

It could be a scammer.

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2, Jun. 2014

We get calls from companies and we can usually call and be taken off their list. I called these guys and told them we are on a Do Not Call List. I asked how to be taken off their list and he didn't know.

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9, Oct. 2013

this call starts with a recording then goes to a live person. i've tried on at least 5 occasions to ask them to stop calling, but as soon as i begin to tell them not to call me, they hang up.

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24, Jun. 2012

These people yelled at me and were very hostile when I asked them to take me off their call list. They would not tell me the name of their company.