Area Code 240

Additional information:

Area code: 240
State: Maryland
Country: USA
24, Oct. 2016

They are SCAMMERS!!!! Please be aware!!!

21, Oct. 2016

when I answered phone I heard a ping and then a person asking for my deceased husband's dead wife.

20, Oct. 2016

Called twice. Left no message.

19, Oct. 2016

This is the same as the earlier one.

19, Oct. 2016

Called me 2x in 2 days, don't leave a message so I don't answer!

18, Oct. 2016

Please have company cease and desist calling this working number for Blue Shield of California.

17, Oct. 2016

This number calls almost daily.

14, Oct. 2016

I was told to call this number:608-514-1425.

7, Oct. 2016

Same as above, axxHoles

6, Oct. 2016

This is a robo call with a recorded message trying to sell medical emergency services.

6, Oct. 2016

Another credit card scam that hangs up.

4, Oct. 2016

I've been getting calls from this number for months. I decided to answer and just let them talk. They keep their end of the line on mute until they talk. They do this so you do not hear the rest of the background noise which is others calling people scam other households. So, when I answered I heard a ghetto sounding woman saying "Ye-ah... I need ta speak to da person who handles da electric bill. Um hello?" Very cocky-sounding and you can hear she's in a room with others calling other people. I heard people in the background with the same ghetto rude tone of voice saying "Hello? You there? Um hello." I get calls from this number several times a day. They leave a message but do not say anything and have taken-up the space on my answering machine. They are scammers. Beware. Do not give them your personal information.

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