Area code 240
Anonymous is reporting 240-252-4879:

They state that they are a windows service center and want to fix your computer and eventually want to charge you for a service plan and want you to pay by paypal. Big time scam!!!

Reported 23, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-374-4548:

This number calls 3 times daily or more. They never leave a message. They just call and hang up.

Reported 22, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-230-3470:

Calls all the time

Reported 19, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-880-7470:

Was not home when they called, did not call them back either in case I would be just verifying that it is an actual phone number. I did not ask them to call or want them to call me.

Reported 19, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-839-4293:

this company calls at least once every other day , or a couple times a week, have asked politely many of times to remove us from their calling list, that we are registered on a do not call list, but they keep calling. Can barely understand them.

Reported 18, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-205-7758:

These folks call about once a week but the caller ID is not always the same. Really frustrating. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers and they never leave a message. I get over a dozen of these robocalls every week. They need to be held accountable.

Reported 18, Jul. 2014.
markx is reporting 240-318-1498:

did not answer ... as i did not recognize the number

Reported 18, Jul. 2014.
Greybeard is reporting 240-949-6431:

they called 07/11 and 07/14 as unknown name .

Reported 14, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-777-7066:

When they called I pressed 1 to ask them what right they had to call me. They wouldn't tell me anything. I demanded that they not call me again and I asked for the name of the company. They then hung up. I tried calling back and it's an automated message. This is a gross violation of the DNC registry. Please prosecute these jerks.

Reported 14, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-670-2325:

they call several times a day after being asked not to call.

Reported 10, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-350-3927:

This was an automated call and told me that if I wanted my number added to their no-call list, I needed to press 1. I did not press anything.

Reported 7, Jul. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 240-418-3829:

Menco Construction Inc 13809 N Gate Dr, Silver Spring, MD, 20906 (240) 418-3829 Menco Construction Inc provides electrical, plumbing, mechanical and many other services in Silver Spring and the surrounding areas. Our prices are Affordable & Competitive and we guarantee you 1 year warranty for big jobs, 6 months warranty for small jobs. Electrician, Residential Electricians, Mechanical Contractor, Commercial Electrical Contractor, Electrical Installation

Reported 4, Jul. 2014.
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