Area Code 240

Additional information:

Area code: 240
State: Maryland
Country: USA
25, Sep. 2017

Did not stay on the line to hear the rest of the message - knew it wasn't something I wanted to listen to.

25, Sep. 2017

They have been calling for several months now.

25, Sep. 2017

I didn't answer and they did not leave a message - they call several times a week.

25, Sep. 2017

Please try and stop these people.

24, Sep. 2017

This has happen continuously with different numbers like 7274987883

24, Sep. 2017

Posing as IRS, threatens warrant for arrest etc. I have no problems with the IRS. This is the 3rd call I've gotten of this type in the last couple of weeks. There is no business here. These calls disturb my household. There should be some action you can take on your phone immediately following the call or during the call that reports the number to authorities for immediate cancellation and possibly legal action..

23, Sep. 2017

This company for example on 01/0313 called me at 9:04 9:26 9:43 9:57 and 10:39.

22, Sep. 2017

recorded message regarding my credit card account. "There are no problems with your account but.

21, Sep. 2017

This company keeps calling even though I've asked them more than once to take us off their list.

21, Sep. 2017

240-815 815-9026- ROBO CALLER- SCAM from MD

15, Sep. 2017

The caller was saying he was calling for "home MD" or something similar to that.

15, Sep. 2017

They also call my home number,b(6).

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