Area Code 240

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Area code: 240
State: Maryland
Country: USA
22, Jul. 2017

I Just got a call from the same phone number..the caller ( Kate Andersson) told me that I am under IRS investigation for Tax fraud. she also gave me the IRS case number and her ID number. she try to threaten me by saying that within hours that she will transfer my case to local lewnforcment and they will arrest me.

21, Jul. 2017

Got a call on Jul 18, 2017. Caller was a woman saying I was evading US taxes and wanted information on my current location where I am visiting in Canada. Then she said she was going to contact the CRA Canadian tax authorities. This website has been very helpful.

21, Jul. 2017

Finally had to block number.....literally called back to back to back each time I would decline. I was hoping they would leave a voicemail but they never would. My thought is, if you want to talk to me that bad please leave a message. I have no idea who this is.....

21, Jul. 2017

This criminal group they called me in different phone numbers, and the area code is (240). Sometimes, there were two men called me in the same day. When I looked at this phone numbers, I knew that was scam. However, I liked to play game with them on the phone. This time was a woman called to my cell phone and left the message that she called from IRS and wanted me to call her back?. I called and talked to this stupid jerk woman, but I had hard time to understand her. Her accent was very strong. I started to ask her that what do you want?. She said to me that she called from IRS. I asked her back "what about it?". She told me that I was rude. Then I asked her "what do you mean?". This woman said to me that I should be nice with her. I got angry and said "fuck you", and then I hung up the phone. The women called me right back, but I didn't let her left any messages on my cell phone. Have anyone knows where did they call from? because this criminals used this phone numbers sometimes called me and said they called phone student loan, and more...

19, Jul. 2017

called asking for a call back about medical info

18, Jul. 2017

Received voicemail from 240.627..7808. Christine (or so she names herself) called while I was in a meeting and left a voicemail. She stated she was from the IRS and that a legal case had been opened against me. My social and physical address were disclosed and that I owed some money or some BS. I laughed and blocked the number. Two hours later, I received another voicemail (since it was a blocked call, it didn't ring) stating the same thing. These people have nothing better to do. Don't be dumb and don't give them any info or funds!

Concerned in Western Maryland
18, Jul. 2017

This is definitely a very odd.....LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATION COMPANY.......Comes up as the owner of the number.....possibly doing something to your phone service.....monitoring????????

17, Jul. 2017

Agent representing a firm called ccs phone #855-252-3859 and said " considered notified " and hanged up.

14, Jul. 2017

Yes he called an asked me to answer 3 trivia questions & said i won tickets to the bahamas

13, Jul. 2017

I get miss call from this number. It gets cut in two rings. When I call back it goes to some music.

13, Jul. 2017

I get miss call from this number. It gets cut in two rings. When I call back it goes to some music.

13, Jul. 2017

I get miss call from this number. It gets cut in two rings. When I call back it goes to some music.

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