Area Code 240

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Area code: 240
State: Maryland
Country: USA
29, Mar. 2017

Officer Smith from the IRS. They (different people) keep calling every two weeks or so. Pathetic Scammers The IRS never calls. I wish the police gets a hold of these annoying morons,

29, Mar. 2017

This # calls my house just about every evening for the past few weeks.

29, Mar. 2017

It is an automated call that offers free tickets on a cruise in exchange for personal information.

29, Mar. 2017

Left Message Saying he was IRS Investigator and a claim had been filed against me.

Vincent T
28, Mar. 2017

Called me on March 24th and here is the google voice mail transcript: "This message is intended for Vincent T. This is Sarah Wilson from the federal investigation department this message is to inform you that there is a legal case which has been filed against you under is a warrant out for your rest acquaintance goes wrong. I want you to give us a con department call back number. Which is 240-200-7597. It's 240-200-7597 if you don't receive any call back here, and we'll have to proceed against illegal William get you arrested on the charges before we do so make sure to give us a call back once again. This is Sarah Wilson from the federal investigation department." Also called me today from (301) 433-4392 with a similar message. Scammers!

28, Mar. 2017

240-383-4271 Bethesda, MD It sounds like real but it was totally scam. IRS will not call you for the collecting taxes. How IRS can not know my current address? The caller (Linda Jones) left a message that I will be arrest next 30-45 minutes. I was so panic that I returned a call and the guy already knew my name even I didn't give my name. They are using your cellular number and trying to get your money.

28, Mar. 2017

Received voicemail from 240-200-8380 stating she was with Federal Investigation from the IRS.....foreign accent. I knew it was a scam so I blocked the number.

28, Mar. 2017

recording claims to be Verizon and wants me to claim an award.

27, Mar. 2017

Number listed online as belonging to "Non Such Photography"

24, Mar. 2017

I then get transferred to a person and each time I ask them to stop calling my number and they then hang up on me.

21, Mar. 2017

Claimed to be from the IRS. Claiming I committed tax fraud from 2008-2014

20, Mar. 2017

it registers as a wireless caller.

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