Area Code 240

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Area code: 240
State: Maryland
Country: USA
23, Sep. 2016

I've been downright rude and they still call back.

Leo Dixon
22, Sep. 2016

I wonder how these scammers get my home number?? I never submit this number to any form online or offline, yet there are still a bunch of scumbags calling my number daily!!

22, Sep. 2016

They call every weekday between 8 and 8:30 AM and have for over a year.

22, Sep. 2016

This was a recording asking for a dtmf response to request more information.

22, Sep. 2016

i get several calls from these numbers a day on my cell phone

22, Sep. 2016

repeated calls no msg.- assume its spam or fraud

22, Sep. 2016

For 1 of the calls they left laughter with multiple voices in the backgroundcouldn't tell what they were saying.

21, Sep. 2016

I recieved call from 240-247-7464, and from 720-364-9541. Call pertaining final notice for IRS law suit

20, Sep. 2016

They wake me up at 8am constantly and try to sell me a GE security system, which I don't want.

20, Sep. 2016

Same company calls every couple days from numbers keep changing.

20, Sep. 2016

He was asking for personal information so I hung up.

20, Sep. 2016

I only deal with Google on line only.

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