Area Code 239

Additional information:

Area code: 239
State: Florida
Country: USA
Annoyed by SPAMMERS
17, Aug. 2017

(239) 470-9149 called 10 Aug 2017 at 9:52am. Verizon Wireless in Fort Myers, FL. Returning the call a recording informs that the voicemail has not yet been set up. Voices and background noise like a TELEMARKETING CALL CENTER and finally caller asking for someone by name. Telemarketer Energy Services of America. Already Blocked.

16, Aug. 2017

Sure it is a software voiced they are talking on behalf of Floridian police that got injured asking money envelope minimum donation was starting at 25 dollars but they asked me to send 50 bucks donation... I said no... second call today with 3 weeks

16, Aug. 2017

Friendly lady offering AC service and cleaning. A $300 value! Oh my! She didn't say my name or my address but implied they'd "be in my area the next couple of days' and wondered if they could stop by and introduce themselves. I told her I already had an AC service and she wondered if I was happy with them. Of course I said yes and the called ended peacefully. I feel like they're just a call service and if they get someone to bite, then they just subcontract the work out. No thanks. I've blocked their number.

14, Aug. 2017

Rang and hung up when picked up.. Called back and recording said "wireless customer is not accepting calls."

12, Aug. 2017

Called my cell phone- looked # up and saw that it was reported as telemarketer one month, IRS one month, alarm company another time etc. called them back and supposedly raising money for families of wounded police officers. Kept talking over me as I tried to verify I raised my voice and said I know this is a scam call and he hung up.

11, Aug. 2017

i called the # back... Got ans. mach. was given an option to have my info removed by pressing 2. . I pressed 2, so we will see

8, Aug. 2017

received a call from 239-75-1897. No one responded when I said hello a couple of times and then the call was disconnected. I dialed the number and a male voice answered with :Thanks for calling me back.. This is Ray. (I didn't say anything) finally he said hello? Hello? (I asked "Who is Ray/) He abruptly hung up. I blocked the number on my cell phone,

27, Jul. 2017

Called and left a message demanding a call back today!

26, Jul. 2017

This number has called a couple of times, no message.

25, Jul. 2017

This number belongs to a Fort Myers escort who goes by Jessie / Sexy Lexi / Brianna this person is a hardcore heroin user and a total scam artist

24, Jul. 2017

This is some kind of BS call. When you call the number back it says it is not a working numbet. Humm wonder how that works ;)

17, Jul. 2017

These people should eat shit and die

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