Phone: 239-673-5213

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Cape Coral, Florida
Its exchange 673 is managed by NEWSOUTH COMMUNICATIONS CORP.
The number is currently on switch number FTMYFLXADS2 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 31% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 41 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "THORIGHBRED, 239-673-5213"
13, Apr. 2013

I never answer numbers I don't recognize. No message is left. I suspect a robotic call, because the phone rings 3 times each day at almost exactly the same time.

19, Jul. 2013

Didn't pick up the call as I didn't recognize the number, I see that I'm not the first to get a call from this number.

20, Jul. 2013

Called saying they were conducting a survey about energy consumption, and asked about the appliances I own and when I use them.

16, Aug. 2013

Called/left message saying they were conducting a survey on behalf of Blue Cross Blue Shield. They are my medical insurance provider. Probably legit.

20, Aug. 2013

I work for one of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield\'s and this company is NOT working on behalf of Blue Cross & Blue not give them any personal information.

21, Aug. 2013

Called me claiming they were from blue cross blue shield, asked for my date of birth and current address. I do not have BC/BS, didnt give them information obvious scam

25, Sep. 2013

Just received a call from this number. Never accept a call from unknown number. Hope the government will be able to stop all those evil act.

2, Oct. 2013

They have called me now usually 2 to 3 times a day. They never leave a message. It comes up as Thoroughbred Re on caller ID. Does any one know who they are?

2, Oct. 2013

Thanks to the info provided in earlier messages I was able to locate the name of the caller: Thoroughbred Research Group Inc, Cape Coral, FL, Looks to be a legit research organization, conducting opinion-based surveys. Still, they should leave a message to allow those who want to participate to return the call, and stop with the repeated call backs.

Al Noniemous
6, Oct. 2013

Called during a tie college football game. Asked for the man of the house. Told him I prefer women. Have one call me, I was hanging up.

Mad Dog
18, Oct. 2013

I don't know and don't care who it is. We don't answer calls we don't recognize. Whomever handles the robotics for all these calls should get a job helping homeless veterans find homes and jobs, counseling pregnant women against killing their babies (abortion). There are countless meaningful, worthwhile jobs out there.

3, Nov. 2013

I got a call. I do not answer calls when I don't recognize the number. Theh did not leave a message.

15, Nov. 2013

Got a call today. I never answer when I don't recognize the number. Have an answer machine but no message was left.

23, Nov. 2013

they called me saying they are for " connect Ohio" and wanted my age and cell phone number, which is when I hung up.

Zach B.
26, Nov. 2013

I have received calls from this number with recorded messages and/or a phone number but no message. I would appreciate it if the company who has this number please STOP CALLING MY PHONE.

14, Mar. 2014

Left no message. Looks like research firm, or telemarketer. Added to reject list.

15, Mar. 2014

Called several times over several days, here we go again, already on the Do Not Call list, the one Florida people never heard of ! May have to buy a loud whistle again.

27, Mar. 2014

They have called me three times. They let it ring once for it to register that I have missed a call. And then they hang up. I haven't called back.

23, Apr. 2014

I place these numbers on my caller block list. It works. When they call again it rings once, and "CALL BLOCKED" flashes on my phone system. They get the call block feedback, and never call again. I believe their system detects "BLOCKERS" and removes the blocker number automatically

3, May. 2014

He said he was calling about medicaid or medicare that is what he told my husband they don\'t call cell phones i called from my cell phone they called my home i was not there so when i got home i called again they didn\'t answer i left a message they called i didn\'t get it i tryed for an hour to call with no answer

6, May. 2014

Stop calling me..I don't know who you are and don't care.

7, May. 2014

the caller advised she was calling about a Medicare survey which I had never returned and anyway participation was voluntary. I told her I did not intend to give the personal info the survey wanted.She asked if I would do it over the tel I said no and she hung up on me. ( the note with the survey stated they were trying to improve medicare and looking for problems I was having) Ha...

Carl E.
16, May. 2014

Legit independent research group that does surveys. Was at work and just let them know I didn't have the time. Thoroughbred Research Group Inc, Cape Coral, FL, Read more at

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