Phone: 239-400-2950

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Ft Myers, Florida (400) exchange.
Around 31% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 41 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Nancy Woods, Joel Rodriguez"
28, Aug. 2012

We were interested in a home for rent on We finally asked them to give us a call to talk to them in person. After we spoke with this guy we knew it was a scam. The sad part is that no one will do anything about any of these people.

11, Sep. 2012

I talked to this person on a chat line, his name is Bryan and said he lives in Ontario. He originally gave me a different number which was a 909 area code. Never actually met him, he said he's 25 and an accountant that works graveyard shift for some company in Ontario. I don't know the name of the company. Sep. 10 2012

Jose Jimenez
19, Sep. 2012

Still calling me, no messages. No Company name

17, Oct. 2012

As far as i can tell it's just a doddering old lady with dementia calling randomly and not making a ton of sense in her mesages or on the phone. I think she is phillipino.

18, Dec. 2012

Rang once on mobile then hung up . Re-dial yielded Spanish male recorded message, but no name/company.

30, Dec. 2012

I got 3 calls and 1 voicemail from them. Just a bunch of electronic sounds and a few voices in the background, no idea who it is.

24, Jan. 2013

My husband calls me from this number while he is deployed

30, Jan. 2013

Male with an accent calls wanting to buy my items on ebay without going through the auction and just wanting parts, not the whole item.

Anonymous in VA
7, Mar. 2013

This number was provided to me in an email. The person said he saw my picture on LinkedIn and wanted to contact me to see if I'd be interested in him to chat..... Emails are coming from this name: David Eke Jackson and Hennie Du Preez....with gmail accounts. The guy says he's from California and is a civil engineer. There is a LinkedIn profile matching the name, job title, and location description.

18, Mar. 2013

this guy called, my husband answered. my husband asked who he was and he used the name of one of my friends who also happens to b on my facebook account. he mispronounced the last name and and my husband knew he was a scam artist. the only puzzling thing is he knew my name!!! when you try to call number back it goes straight to voicemail.

29, Mar. 2013

This number kept calling and calling the other night - which was a Thursday evening so i had work in the am & had to put my phone on silent - They wouldnt say anything, just sit there, I'd say Hello once or twice, and then after about the 5th call i started saying stuff like "ahhhh this dumba** keeps calling, blah blah some dips*it to my girl. Anyways, they called one final time and just pushed a bunch of numbers as to try and make a loud noise in my ear but i had it on speaker so i just hung up. That was their final call. Tried calling back but no VM, no nothing, just cuts off the call - Has to be a "Auto-Dialer" or some sort of "Daling Service" to see when you actually answer your phone to sell to telemarketing companies.,...

7, Apr. 2013

Have you guys ever heard of The Magic Jack? This is a number they use to route their calls. My girlfriend calls me from this number everyday.

21, May. 2013

Sexually inappropriate comments, creepy voice.

7, Jun. 2013

Police should investgate this very sick person,

12, Jun. 2013


25, Jun. 2013

Called the number back girl picked up on second ring she sounded cute and said i'm sorry I had the wrong number...

10, Jul. 2013

Its a prank call number that people use that have nolife.

12, Jul. 2013

They call all the time at like 2 am . I got one voice message of them make stupid noices .! This is annoying

3, Aug. 2013

My friend called me from mexico on this number. He said it was from an app he downloaded that shows he is calling from Fort Meyers, Florida, when he is actually in mexico. So a call from this number could be someone you know, but more likely someone else who knows about the app and uses it for scams.

14, Aug. 2013

I just got a call from this person on my cell phone, but did not answer it, did not leave any messages on my voicemail .

6, Sep. 2013

IT's an APP for your cell phone from magic jack so you can call LD anywhere. Some people just abuse a good thing....SAD!

27, Oct. 2013

my byfriend just called me from this number he claims its a girls number he met last night and had s*x with. from FL. we live in NY

21, Nov. 2013

This person left a horrible message on my answer machine. The Caller ID says R Williams, but the caller had an Asian accent. Message full of foul language.

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