Phone: 239-300-6977

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Naples, Florida (300) exchange.
Around 20% of people reported it as "Prank Call"
There has been a total of 5 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "My Freind, Gabriel Herrera ?"
20, Aug. 2012

We received a call talling us that our Olive Garden order wasn't ready at about 8:45 am on a Monday. I heard giggles in the background so I blew a whistle into the phone and hung up. They called back about 5 minutes later. I let it go to ans machine and there was some talking (there was more than one person) but we couldn't make out what was being said. They hung up.

13, Sep. 2012

Call was made by a friend of mine using magic jack.

Mommy Monk
21, Oct. 2012

Anonymous 0 This person is a PREDATOR. He convinced my teenage daughter that he loved her and that if she would meet him in the park with some weed, he was going to give her a new ipad she wanted. I have not gotten to the bottom of what all went on between them, but I know that he brainwashed a vulnerable teen "looking for love." He is actually a "pot smoking" 30-something guy who is out looking for drugs and action. BEWARE!!! He is dangerous! He cruises the communities on TEXT Plus looking for girls to PM him using the names GABRIEL LOVES HARMONY and MLTDISPATCHER. Warn your daughters to stay off Text plus and avoid this creep!!! Hide Complaint - Mommy Monk Read more at

11, Feb. 2014

This number called me this morning on my business cell phone. I answered and before I said anything, a man said "Robert?". I answered with my business greeting and they hung up. I thought maybe a wrong number. A bit later, same number calls back and I hear the same thing-I hung up again. I called back and it is a MagicJack number. I then googled the phone number and found a Facebook page for a children's modeling agency. I agree with the comment about a predator...likely what it is. The phone number listed on the Facebook page is connected with a "Courtney". Probably finds kids pictures on Facebook, kid has phone number listed and that is how above commenter's daughter was contacted.

6, Aug. 2014

My friend has this number but recently got it because his phone was off and it was an " Magic Jack " nu8mber : free calls + WIFI .

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