Phone: 239-205-4843

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Cape Coral, Florida (205) exchange.
Around 33% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 479 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "daniel , +1 (239) 205-4843"
25, May. 2012

Received a Prank Call (from what sounded like kids) - this is the numebr that showed up on Call Display.

26, May. 2012

This number called me in BC today. Didn't recognize it. Didn't pick up.

26, May. 2012

this number called my call twice....the first time it was heavy breathing...and the second time they hung up fast....but this i s a weird number...considering they live in Florida, and Im in Canada...high-flyer

27, May. 2012

They just called me (Calgary) , I called it back it was a MagicJack number.

28, May. 2012

I'm in GTA and received at least 6 calls in the last 3 days. Weird...

28, May. 2012

they call twice... teenagers or maybe young men saying stupid things.. talk really bad in french.. I live in Canada. Next time Im not going to hang up and let them have the long distance bill HAHHA

1, Jun. 2012

They have no bill if its magic jack. You can pick any # anywhere I swore I knew who this was out of coincidence. Guess not? :s Not sure how they'd get all your #s if it was people I know. Also they do not speak french unless it was computer generated or basic gr 6 stuff. Here's what I posted elsewheres: Does anyone know mason cody chambers or sara knight?? They had a magic jack This coincidence?  I changed my number 2 weeks ago for harassment From chambers. I posted an ad on craigslist and it asked me to verify this new # but wasn't shown in ad My parents have a house in cape coral fl.  He knows this Major coincidence if its just someone using #s from craigslist and not them I mean why cape coral :s

1, Jun. 2012

Just posted last msg. Ps I'm in ontario.

1, Jun. 2012

I just got called Four times!!! it's annoying

4, Jun. 2012

Called me also last Thursday on my office number (didnt answer). I live in Atlanta, Ga. Why would someone seriously call random people all over to waste both our times to prove he/she is the bigger idiot?

10, Jun. 2012


12, Jun. 2012

I know who called me from this number. They are mason cody chambers, sara knight and jared aaron wood from st thomas ont. The 17 year old watching devil inside looks like a comment they would have put themselves. Ipad uses a magic jack service. They are using an ipad to make their calls through wifi

12, Jun. 2012

I live in Montreal and I got a call, which I did not accept, on my cell phone on June 12th at midday.

14, Jun. 2012

It's annoying! Stupid little kids it's the 4th time I've gotten this call -.- so dumb and pointless.

15, Jun. 2012

omg! all they did was make stupid noises.. they called 3 times answered it twice and third time i denied the call

16, Jun. 2012

these kids are dangerous they called late at night or early in the morning treatening, they are youg people they called in quebec,canada we have to stop them from intimating harceling maybe they are using this phone mumber without the owner knowing it

18, Jun. 2012

Kid called my business and said "Help me. I've been shot." I could hear video game shooting in the background. He then hung up when I didn't respond. I called the Cape Coral Police in Florida to let them know about the call. They said they would investigate just in case it was a real plea for help.

18, Jun. 2012

this number just called me twice (i'm in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada). could hear breathing on the line first time, so i hung up. Second call i sat on the line until they hung up.

18, Jun. 2012

called twice, first time sounded like an answering machine, second time i answered, they mocked everything i said. sounded like teenagers. called at 6pm

20, Jun. 2012

Got a call last night from the same no. and left a message that I can't understand except the return call no. 416-856-8155 requesting for a return call. The area code is Toronto, Canada. Hope this helps if anyone would like to investigate.

20, Jun. 2012

This person just called me, and he knew my name and where I lived and nationality i was from, and i tried to trace the call back but it was a MagicJack number and he said some stupid stuff lik ohh u gave me ur number at the mall. ans apparently he said his name was danny...i dont even live in the U.S how does he know me!!

24, Jun. 2012

just got two calls from these a-holes. the first time was heavy breathing, and the second time i didn't answer.

27, Jun. 2012

My husband got a call from this number, in our case she left a message in "Filipino" ( we are Filipino) saying hello (my huband's name) can u be my phonepal, how the hell does she knows my husband's name!!and she speaks in our language

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