Area Code 231

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Area code: 231
State: Michigan
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2017

Was called once so far tres calling at it said they wernt available. Realized that t was a scam caller and about to attempt blocking them

16, Aug. 2017

Got this message : Treasury intending your serious attention ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense this is the final attempt to reach you to solve this issue immediately a federal agent call back number 231-930-4451 I repeat 231- 930-4451. I called and the guy who answered the phone has a heavy accent could not understand me and ask for spelling. Called back he was nasty mad. TrI'd several times and no answer.

10, Aug. 2017

Think it's junk - no name, just "united states"

7, Aug. 2017

Useless toejam eating twats

20, Jul. 2017

Have no idea who it is and they call numerous times a day. Getting tired of all these numbers they NEVER leave a message.

13, Jul. 2017

I received this message as part of their automated system to inform ferry customers who used valet parking which parking space their car would be at when they picked arrived at back at the dock

11, Jul. 2017

It's a promotion - they called 3x in a 20 min period. Block

11, Jul. 2017

I tried calling that number back and it says I am not authorized to make calls to that number if I'd like to add additional services to my account such as this I need to call customer service then gives me a number to do so which is NOT my phone company's customer service. Scammers or spammers

9, Jul. 2017

The number they called is a cell phone, not a land line.

7, Jul. 2017

Called and left no message. I don't answer #'s I don't recognize. I'm blocking them now. If it is Edward Jones they can mail me a survey -- I give NO info over the phone.

Pissed off Motherfucker
31, May. 2017

Missed a call while Im working, no voicemail, called back, line was busy. Hope these dipshits get mutilated.

29, May. 2017

Mulitple calls have been received from this number all are Spanish-language recordings.

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