Phone: 231-224-2038

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Fremont, Michigan
Its exchange 224 is managed by LUCRE, INC.
The number is currently on switch number GDRPMIIV1MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 34% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 23 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Its official, Edward jones 231-224-2038"
27, Mar. 2013

I did not answer the call as I did not recognize the number. I called back, got a recorded message advising me that I had an opportunity to take a satisfaction survey on Edward Jones Financial Servies.

7, May. 2013

I did not answer the call as I did not recognize the number. However, the caller ID said Edward Jones. I knew that was not the correct contact number. When I searched the number, it was identified as being in Fremont, Michigan for a company called Lucre, Inc.

6, Jun. 2013

I didn't take the call.

30, Jul. 2013

THis is some kind of scammer. They are spoofing the ANI to show a number that is one belonging to Edward Jones. This indicates they purposely spoofed the number and are aware of who they spoofed it from. Purposefully malicious. File a omplaint with your public utilities commission and with the FCC. Be sure to indicate they are spoofing the ANI.

10, Dec. 2013

2nd time this number has called my cell phone. No message,. obvious a scam

6, Jan. 2014

They asked me if I wanted to take a 3 minute survey about my satisfaction with Edward Jones. I do have an account with them, but I was in the middle of making dinner.

George Siglin
19, Apr. 2014

Claiming to want me to answer questions about my satisfaction with Edward Jones investments

4, May. 2014

No message left on answering machine. I know this was not an Edward jones call!

Jeff Ryman
4, Jun. 2014

According to the office manager of my Edward Jones representative, this is a legitimate number for Edward Jones customer satisfaction surveys. In fact, she read me the number after I told her I received a call. This is one of three numbers that may call you.

6, Jul. 2014

This is a customer satisfaction survey on behalf of Edward Jones Investments. no scam involved.

23, Aug. 2014

First time this number has called my cell phone; left no message.

17, Sep. 2014

I was called by this number but missed the call i called it back and recording said it was a non working number

7, Oct. 2014

If this is a survey from Edward Jones, then why don't they leave a message with a call back. That would be the professional thing to do. I am an Edward Jones customer, but I am not going to call them back out of principal.

18, Nov. 2014

I answered the 2nd time they called and was EJ wanting to do a satisfaction survey about my advisor. Couple of questions. They said they don't leave messages because normally people don't call back during their 'available' hours. I'm ok with that. When I call somebody and they don't answer, I don't expect them to call me back if I don't leave a #. Sometimes I'm not going to be available or will call someone else to get the information I need. So IF THEY DON'T LEAVE A NUMBER PEOPLE, THEY ARE NOT EXPECTING YOU TO CALL THEM BACK! Ye Gads!

5, Mar. 2015

If Edward Jones was conducting a customer satisfaction survey, your advisor would probably let you know. Think about it.

13, Mar. 2015

this is for a survey company on behalf of Edward Jones investments. I called it back and got a recorded message telling me I missed their call and to call my authorized agent about the survey. Sounds irritating but legit.

Who Knows
20, Mar. 2015

I answered and they said they were calling from Edward Jones and this phone call may be recorded. He wanted to ask me a few questions and I said "not if your recording me" He said "You don't want to be recorded" I said "Hell No,The NSA and Obama are already recording everybody." He immediately hung up. FYI

suspicious person
8, Aug. 2015

Called my COMPANY PROVIDED cell phone - said was from EdwardJones - but was quite confused when I answered with Company Name. EJ does NOT have my CoPh#. Apologized and disconnected. I do have an EDJ acct - time/date 1752edt 8/8/15

18, Aug. 2015

I answered the first time this number called me because I have an account at Edward Jones. They did not answer. Today, I wondered why the number was different from my EJ account agent. Then I came here and it seems like this is definitely a scammer. Edward Jones sends me q questionaire in the mail once a year - they never call with a survey.

21, Nov. 2015

Missed a call from this number, but they didn't leave a message. Don't call back numbers I don't know and they don't leave a message. If they are truly wanting answers to a survey, why would they not leave a message... after hours or whatever?

21, Jan. 2016

I wonder if they got my number from Edward Jones? If so, Edward Jones isn't very secure with my personal information. Time to liquidate my account at Edward Jones to somewhere more secure.

21, Apr. 2016

I work for Edward Jones. We have a research firm make the survey calls on behalf of Edward Jones. The survey is 3-4 min long, clients will take the survey no more than once a year and the client will not be asked any personal information. The caller only has your name and your advisors name, nothing else! The results basically create a report card on how the client feels about their relationship with their local EDJ office. We encourage our clients to accept the call and participate!

17, Aug. 2016

I called my Ed Jones agent and the office confirmed that the above number is from a research number in Fremont, MI that is doing a satisfaction survey. I asked my agent to get my name off their list.

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