Area Code 229

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Area code: 229
State: Georgia
Country: USA
17, Jan. 2017

I have tried to contact this no and regardless of time, day or night, their office is always closed with no answering/messaging system.

14, Jan. 2017

I made the mistake of answering the phone with an unknown number because my father is ill and I may get a call someday from a number I don't recognize. Once I answered, I listed to the sales pitch for an extended warranty on my car. They knew the year and model so I assumed they were from GM. Long story short, the told me that I would have 30 days to cancel the warranty by calling the above number and asking for b(6). He even gave me his "cell" number. I have been calling both numbers now for two days, a total of 6 calls. Their reps are ALWAYS all busy on other lines, so they ask to leave a message, which I have done. They promise to return your call in a timely fashion, but I have not have a return call. And the "cell" phone number had the same message that all reps were busy. On a cell phone? They have my credit card number and a $199 charge is pending. I want this cancelled!

14, Jan. 2017

Every night at dinner time.

12, Jan. 2017

IRS web site suggested it to file a complaint with FTC and following the suggestion to bring this to your attention.

10, Jan. 2017

I won a vacation to the Bahamas or something like that.

4, Jan. 2017

This company will not stop harassing me.

3, Jan. 2017

I told him I knew it was a scam and not to call.

21, Dec. 2016

Just received four calls in a row (rang 4 times, call came back immediately and rang 4 times, etc). I was on the phone with a client so even if I wanted answer the call, I couldn't.. Do not repeat call like that and especially to not leave any type of message. If it's that urgent that you have to keep calling, leave a message so I can get back with you.

20, Dec. 2016

This company has called numerous times in the past few weeks, never leaving a message.

20, Dec. 2016

then when the recording started I immediately hung up.

15, Dec. 2016

I have been getting calls 1-2 times per day.

8, Dec. 2016

Common Nigerian Scam, don't bother to respond their email, don't fall for it!

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