Area Code 229

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Area code: 229
State: Georgia
Country: USA
16, Oct. 2017

If I remain silent when they ask questions, they hang up.

15, Oct. 2017

this number has called me 11 times in 2 days.

10, Oct. 2017

Yep I got the same call.. Think about it, why would someone making $10,000 a month "personally" call anyone about it?? If that was actually true, wouldn't he get an assistant to do that? DUH!

6, Oct. 2017

This was a political action committee robo-call it never gives you an opportunity to opt out or speak to a human.

5, Oct. 2017

Also Let It Go To Answering Machine & Still Nothing

5, Oct. 2017

this company calls me about 5 times a day.

4, Oct. 2017

They have called us an average of 1-2 times over the last year.

4, Oct. 2017

I have received numerous calls from this company, repeatedly informing them I am on the do not call registry.

3, Oct. 2017

they called an left auto voicemail "warrant issued for my arrest" I was scared for 5 minutes then I called and asked them what is my name? they hung up, Joke they did not even know my name. Federal government should come after them

2, Oct. 2017

some lady was mumbling about medicare

27, Sep. 2017

I pay for this service.

27, Sep. 2017

there are a great deal of complaints about this number.why are you people doing nothing to disconnect this number from doing business and violating laws.

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