Area Code 226

Additional information:

Area code: 226
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
29, Mar. 2017

This is another robo call from a credit card company to lower my interest rates.

27, Mar. 2017

Senior alert system and grocery coupons.

22, Mar. 2017

He asked if this was the ****** residence and hung up. I hit *69 and got the number and tried to call it back and it can't be reached. Don't call me back!!!

20, Mar. 2017

I opted out but it keeps calling several times.

18, Mar. 2017

So that it drives them out of business!

16, Mar. 2017

they make no comment when I tell them that they cant call the number because of the registry.

Andrew Orr
23, Feb. 2017

no message left from Acton, ON

22, Feb. 2017

Don't worry people , I been call them back 100 times from a number I got from internet until they cancel that number ha ha ha I bug them back

15, Feb. 2017

Quite a series of Medical companies called me since Oct.

11, Feb. 2017

Not a " ripoff scammer" someone use the girls picture and so on

12, Jan. 2017

seems others have been getting calls from this phone number.but you can't call them to tell them to take you off their calling lists.

10, Jan. 2017

Not true I hung up while the recording was still playing.

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