Area Code 226

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Area code: 226
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Go to hell
20, Mar. 2018

Quit playing games

19, Mar. 2018

I have hit the button to talk to the operator and every time I ask them to take the number off the call list, they immediately hang up on me.

19, Mar. 2018

I told them i worked at the CRA and he swore in some language and hung up lol

19, Mar. 2018

Fake CRA scam. Don't call back.

19, Mar. 2018

Consumer doesn't have a computer and asked to be removed and suspect continues to call.

16, Mar. 2018

a number 226-215-4341 called me today. at 5:30. I didn't answer but they left a msg and it was a machine talking. It said that if I didn't call this number back, they would have to issue an arrest warrant to get me arrested. like wft?! kinda freaking the f**k out. Not sure if this is a prank something

16, Mar. 2018

the calls are coming closer together.

16, Mar. 2018

My husband has passed away and I want them to stop calling .Today was approximately the 20th call from these people .

15, Mar. 2018

They aren't supposed to be calling cell phones

from Victoria
15, Mar. 2018

As noted, telephone message left claiming to be CRA, and threatening if I don't return the call an arrest warrant will be issued. I'm sure they'll be able to track me down if they plan to serve that warrant... until then I will save my money for the attorney fees- hah! :-D

15, Mar. 2018

This was a recorded call congratulating us for receiving some type of approval on a loan.

15, Mar. 2018

Don't know anyone there.

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