Area Code 226

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Area code: 226
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
24, Sep. 2018

a man named John said he wants to schedule delivery of medical equipment.

21, Sep. 2018

Claiming to be from the CRA, automated voice declared this was the "final attempt to contact me" for my "federal offense" because I "did not appear before a judge" then requested I call the number back or I would be arrested. I haven't committed any federal offense. It didn't give any detail, didn't even say my name. Clearly a scam.

20, Sep. 2018

my wife just got this phone call today and she was very terrified because they threatened to issue an arrest warrant and take her to jail if she doesn't pay them back $7500 for revenue Canada that's really serious and I hope the government can track those numbers down and stop the fraudulent

20, Sep. 2018

Saying The CRA is suing me

19, Sep. 2018

This call was left on my voice mail stating I would have a warrant served and I would be arrested if I did not hall back eminently.

18, Sep. 2018

It is a scam.

17, Sep. 2018

Oh my goodness. I replied and that night, my account was cleared! Scammers!!!

13, Sep. 2018

Calls I don.t answer ..i call back get busy signal .. 2268871637 2264996721 Both of these 10 times a day

12, Sep. 2018

The time of the call is unsettling.

12, Sep. 2018


12, Sep. 2018

They hang up if the answering machine answers or before.

8, Sep. 2018

Neither Target nor Walmart should have my cell phone number.

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