Area Code 226

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Area code: 226
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
15, Aug. 2017

Called looking for "the homeowner on record: Mr Wintergreen Crescent" -- check the name field, not the address, sheesh...

14, Aug. 2017

Caller had thick Indian accent, said she was "calling on behalf of computing" and had my email address, wanted to send me an email with an info bulletin attached that I could read at my convenience. Seems like a social engineering type of attack - I imagine that the attachment would contain something malicious.

21, Jul. 2017

Fake tax-department caller claiming tax evasion and using language threatening jail, etc. Probably from a dodgy call centre in Pakistan or India, using a VOIP number, as the caller always sounds South Asian.

21, Jul. 2017

Same pattern, 3 numbers so far > # 709 700 1819, # 226 213 2499 # 226 316 1458 Total scam, using internet # that when u call it, will get disconnected. Two msgs have Indian Accent and One has No Accent, CRA has a competition, They should spend the money and get those bastards, for giving people heart attack, and for stealing their money. Hope they get Caught Soon!

14, Jul. 2017

I got the bullshit message. As if CRA would use such a cheap ass method to threaten me!!!

10, Jul. 2017

Frequent calls from this company despite requests to stop.

8, Jul. 2017

They don't listen and keep annoying me with their calls.

27, Jun. 2017

Operates something called "Asphalt Rescue" which is nothing but a bunch of crooks and thieves robbing honest people. Carl is a liar, thief, bullshit spewing sorry excuse for a human being who would do the world a favour by killing himself. NEVER EVER BUY OR GIVE ANY SORT OF MONEY TO CARL FEAGAN OR HIS BULLSH*T COMPANY.

1, Jun. 2017

got the same call about some lawyer fees and the cra needing money to settle the legal fees

27, May. 2017

It has become a major distraction in the morning.

26, May. 2017

I told her to stop calling, then asked for name of company and she hung up immediately.

25, May. 2017

I have received repeated calls from this company which is attempting to sell me satellite radio.

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