Area Code 225

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Area code: 225
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2018

and my other phone its 787-843-6713,this is my other phone.

17, Aug. 2018

we need to do something so this thief's stop once and for all.

17, Aug. 2018

Same here... just called and left a message for me " this is the Department of Treasure accomplish the last legal paperwork and cancel the legal obligations against you - call us immediately, thank you" But no phone number to call back. Ignoring....

17, Aug. 2018

Fake IRS agent. Recorded message threatening legal action unless I returned call. Never answer call. VM from male. It is becoming more often from different numbers

17, Aug. 2018

Continue getting calls from unknown numbers/ businesses.

16, Aug. 2018

Same here it says its the social security administration and legal stuffs taming place against me. It was s voicemail left. I couldn't call back also it would disconnect itself. C.Andrews henderson nevada 08/2018

14, Aug. 2018

The number given on caller ID was (200) 800-555 with no digit in the final spot of the traditional XXX-XXX-XXXX phone number format.

13, Aug. 2018

I've gotten numerous calls from this same number claiming to be computer support, geek support, or other vendor, trying to get access to my computer.

10, Aug. 2018

Called and hung up on me

not stupid
10, Aug. 2018

attempting to use scare tactic to get me to call them back!!

10, Aug. 2018

This number called me stating they were the IRS and that they tried to contact me over the last 6 months and now we're filing suit against me for fraud

10, Aug. 2018

Constantly call my phone all day and night disturbance

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