Area Code 225

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Area code: 225
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2017

Does anyone have any idea who this guy is? He sounds like an old guy but he's also calling from a personal cell phone number. I don't trust it because if it were a legit place to donate money wouldn't it be a business number?

9, Aug. 2017

This idiot called at 11;24 P.M. on August 3

21, Jul. 2017

They call & do not leave a message, so I do not answer - I find if they don't leave a message it is generally a scam

21, Jul. 2017

Tried to solicite money to be sent to an account in Texas to help set up a business with return and benefits for me.

Shelley laws
18, Jul. 2017

They call I pick up it's a dial tone wtf

10, Jul. 2017

Rings twice and hangs up.

9, Jul. 2017

I am furious that these people are impostering the US Government.

29, Jun. 2017

The caller said that my leg brace is ready to pick up ? When I told them that I do not need one I did not order one and ask who are they calling (They knew my name ) they said that it was mistake and hanged up .

28, Jun. 2017

This number keeps calling then hang up everyday for past 2 weeks

13, Jun. 2017

Sounds like they're looking for active numbers by the comments listed. I just got a call today from this number and I didn't answer. I always look up a phone number when I'm at a computer to see who it is first. They left no voicemail so I'm not calling back. If it's important, they'll call again and leave a message.

10, Jun. 2017


5, Jun. 2017

2 calls from this number answered 1st one and a recorded message said, hi this is Becky can you hear me okay? I replied NO. And hung up. They immediately called back which I did not answer. I would put this on high alert. They want you to say yes so they can record your voice.

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