Area Code 225

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Area code: 225
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
13, Jun. 2017

Sounds like they're looking for active numbers by the comments listed. I just got a call today from this number and I didn't answer. I always look up a phone number when I'm at a computer to see who it is first. They left no voicemail so I'm not calling back. If it's important, they'll call again and leave a message.

10, Jun. 2017


5, Jun. 2017

2 calls from this number answered 1st one and a recorded message said, hi this is Becky can you hear me okay? I replied NO. And hung up. They immediately called back which I did not answer. I would put this on high alert. They want you to say yes so they can record your voice.

2, Jun. 2017

This unknown caller has called eight (8) times since May 29th. I've never answered the phone when he does call and caller never leaves a message. I am really grateful for the above comments. Many of the calls come in back to back - makes me think I am on speed dial...

2, Jun. 2017

Caller's voice sounded like a child asking for someone named Sulpha. When I said you have the wrong number; an adult woman said Well maybe you can help me, I'm calling about Cancer research Funds & I hung up on her. I'm calling it a scam.

1, Jun. 2017

Called and falsely presented himself as someone who represents the court system (which is against the law). So, I recorded the entire conversation and provided it to my attorney and as well as the police. I have opened a cause in order to take legal action against this individual. I've already had the actual origin of this call traced and will be proceeding from there.

1, Jun. 2017

company in in nevada

1, Jun. 2017

They call everyday telling me I've won a trip.

31, May. 2017

With other calls that have come in over the last couple of months.

27, May. 2017

This number tried to face time my phone at 1:57am! Very inconsiderate!

26, May. 2017

My caller was from an unidentified power company.

26, May. 2017

multi call and hangups

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