Area Code 219

Additional information:

Area code: 219
State: Indiana
Country: USA
HA-HA Blocked you again!!
23, Apr. 2017

Flagged as Telemarketer VoIP Tell all your friends to BLOCK THIS NUMBER!

21, Apr. 2017

They tell me they have money for me.

21, Apr. 2017

Keep calling for a woman named Janet (last name unknown), of which neither who owns this number nor is known by me.

20, Apr. 2017

Robot call about college tuition

19, Apr. 2017

I have left several messages to various people-but receive calls from the Schools city of Hammond. I'm told my "daughter" goes to Gavit High School. . . .I imagine that many kids have submitted made up phone numbers as their contact numbers. . . .just guessing here.
18, Apr. 2017

Let me work for you. I am ready to be the other woman and I will never tell your wife! I love being in the shadows. I do not ask much. Call me anything 2194131250!

11, Apr. 2017

I do not want this company to call me anymore.

11, Apr. 2017

travel related robocall

6, Apr. 2017

Doing research, it is a scam number and they don't say which credit card they are planning on lowering.

2, Apr. 2017

This was a robo dialing system for free cruise tickets to bahamas.

1, Apr. 2017

she says she will not give me her name and insists to speak with my agent.

30, Mar. 2017

You may reach me at(b)(6) Thanks!

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