Area Code 219

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Area code: 219
State: Indiana
Country: USA
Has pity on the fool
24, Jun. 2017

Don't answer this number, but don't be mean to the spammers. After all, they don't have a good job with benefits. Personal hygiene & dental care is non-existent. The foot fungus and festering pus wounds keep socializing to a minimum. Can you imagine how you would feel if your family would not invite you to Thanksgiving or any holidays- even though you have them off!

Finds Fakers
17, Jun. 2017

Scumbag scammer - this one calls on weekends. Don't answer. Your voice can be recorded & used to defraud you. VoIP - Choice One Communications Flagged as Telemarketer

9, Jun. 2017

class 10 2192327

30, May. 2017

I have probably received 100 calls from this same business.

30, May. 2017

Called and said they were from Michigan City. Received my resume, call back. Didnt send a resume to Michigan City.

24, May. 2017

Claims the call is from collection agency and requested to be call back.

23, May. 2017

This was a legit call. My bank has a deal with this third party company who checked with me if I authorized some suspicious transactions.

18, May. 2017

I have even listened to their entire robo call message and pressed the appropriate number to be removed from their list.

17, May. 2017

Pickett Heating & Cooling Maurice W.

17, May. 2017

How many complaints do I have to submit to make them STOP?

16, May. 2017

then I will miss my next call to turn itup b(6) cell

15, May. 2017

They just get another number and continue to call.

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