Area Code 217

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Area code: 217
State: Illinois
Country: USA
18, Oct. 2017

Trying to get me to refinance our home if we still owed on it. A big no from us and goodbye. People in the background were talking about the lotto. Wish the could get a real job!!!

18, Oct. 2017

Called back asked for more info so I can go to my local IRS offices he said “no you don’t have to we can resolve it over the phone.” Obviously I’m not buying it, but I then ask for his badge number and boy did that get him riled up. He used a bunch of insults, but my personal favorite has got to be “f*** you! You... you... you bag of S***” anyways dude hung up and I got a kick out of calling them back.

18, Oct. 2017

I work from home and it is a constant distraction from telemarketers calling me.

17, Oct. 2017

got us all cleaned up.

17, Oct. 2017

This call was nothing but beeps that were left on my voice mail.

17, Oct. 2017

I will not answer anymore - I wish there was a way to stop all these telemarketers.

16, Oct. 2017

energy scammers pretending to be nicor

15, Oct. 2017

Press 1 to talk to a rep or 9 to opt out.

11, Oct. 2017

This was the first time this number called my phone, and the minute I heard the first words of the taped message, I hung up.

11, Oct. 2017

I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling and remove our name from their calling list, but they continue to harass us.

Phoenix Arizona
10, Oct. 2017

Called my cell, didn't leave message. Typical sales call phishing. Block it !!!

10, Oct. 2017

Gave my number for a sweepstakes. It appears that they harass you to take a vacation using your company since you entered to win a vehicle, which i assume no one will win anyway. I have asked them to remove by number 4 times already this week just to have a so called supervisor call me and ask me why i have not chosen to take their almost free vacation. This place harasses people. Do not give the sweepstakes in the mall your phone number.

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