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6, Oct. 2016

They claim to only speak Thai.

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8, Feb. 2016

2nd call same company, same day at 2:34 pm.

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8, May. 2014

We have received these calls on many occasions. Today I listened through the entire recording to get to a live person. When I began to tell her that we are on the National Do Not Call Registry and we should not be receiving these calls, she hung up on me.

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30, Oct. 2013

I just hung up on them. No company given.

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25, May. 2013

they call all times of the day and when u answer they won't talk but have been informed verbally not to call.

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20, Jan. 2013

There was no one on the line when we answered.

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29, May. 2012

Receive weekly and monthly calls from a man and a woman. Have asked that they take us off of their call list, to no avail.