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23, Dec. 2014

I asked for the company name and they hung up on me.

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11, Dec. 2014

hang up call

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28, Jun. 2013

they keep calling,and hanging up!

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24, Jan. 2013

Called and asked for someone that does not reside at this location.

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4, Nov. 2012

they call every day, never leave messages, they call from many different number, very annoying!

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2, Nov. 2012

These auto calls!

I will find you
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27, Sep. 2012

has been calling 1-2 times a day for months and doesn't always answer. Finally I got the little bastard on the line and told him I'm sick of it and to take me of his call list. I'm on a do not call list and he just kept trying to talk OVER THE TOP OF ME. I will find you and you won't like it when I do.