Phone: 215-213-5622

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Its exchange 213 is managed by METROCALL
The number is currently on switch number PHLAPAPE7MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 16% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 12 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Electric Provider, IED"
29, Jun. 2012

This number calls and there is someone at the other end who doesn't say anything, then hangs up after a few seconds.

do not call, age 76
29, Jun. 2012

did not answer-----never do unless know caller, needs to be reported to PA attorney-general as violater.

29, Jun. 2012

They are Electric Supplier Hawkers. They are not PECO. They also call from 215-213-3234, 215-213-4244, 215-213-5423, 215-213-8588. I report EVERY CALL to the DO NOT CALL website. They Need to be stopped!!

4, Jul. 2012

This is not a working number and they call at strange hours, sometimes waking me up early in the morning! When I answer, there is never anyone there. When I tried blocking it using Verizon's *60, it wouldn't work! Said something like this number could not be blocked. So not only are these scammers calling at odd hours and continuously, but they've figured out a way that they can't be blocked. I finally had to get it blocked by calling Verizon, which is in and of itself a hassle!

4, Jul. 2012

These JERKS don't even give us a break on a holiday. THEY DON"T GIVE UP. I report every call to the DO NOT CALL Website in hopes that if we keep reporting EVERY SINGLE call that they will get tired and work to put a stop to them. If this Electric Provider gets away with doing this then they will ALL start. Everyone needs to report EVERY SINGLE call!!!

Annoyed Phila resident
4, Jul. 2012

8am on the 4th of July. I looked at my caller ID and didn't answer. They let the call ring 15 times. 15 TIMES! I thought these cretins couldn't call before 9am. Reading the other comments -- How is this allowed to happen? So now, I've got to waste time calling Verizon to get it blocked.

Highly Annoyed
4, Jul. 2012

God help you if I find out who you are. I will NOT purchase from you, and I hope you will reap all that you sew in full measure.

mad as hell old bag
4, Jul. 2012

OK, now this means WAR! Everyone call each and every elected rep and report every call to them until they are as sick of us as we are sick of scammers!

4, Jul. 2012

i got two calls today

4, Jul. 2012

Called me twice today - on the 4th of July! Poor people have to work on a holiday and harass other people who are trying to enjoy time with their families. Not only do I not like this company for their business practices, but also because they don't give their workers a day off on a National Holiday!

4, Jul. 2012

The caller ID is being Spoofed I'm going to be contacted the State about this. Must bevavscam

5, Jul. 2012

These JERKS call atleast twice a day EVERY DAY...I do not answer these calls from usually beginnings 215-213...Atleast 4 numbers beginning like this are from these LOWLIFE Electric Providers. They ARE NOT FROM PECO!!!!!!! I report EVERY SINGLE CALL to the Do not Call Website!!!

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