Area Code 213

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Area code: 213
State: California
Country: USA
17, Oct. 2018

Called and claimed to be IRS and that I had a fraudulent claim on my tax return and to call them to avoid jail time.

16, Oct. 2018

They said it was irs and that they would proceed with legal action if I didn't report back.

16, Oct. 2018

I have asked this company to remove my name over 10 times and they have not done so, I would like action taken against them.

16, Oct. 2018

operator number 15473.

16, Oct. 2018

Calls a few times a day.

16, Oct. 2018

Don't fall for this. These $#$%holes need to just be arrested with hard time for life. Low life scum.

15, Oct. 2018

I was expecting a call from my old tailor who was bringing the new waistcoat from the tailor shop. I spilled tea on my old trouser during the practices last week. I was happy when the telephone call came on my cellular phone. I do not know who on earth is calling at this busy time as I have only a few hours to take the taxi. I am unable to disconnect the phone as I ave given my mobile number to my tailor and he is sure to call in 15 minutes to inquire about a landmark near my home. I feel the sweat pouring from my arm pits.

15, Oct. 2018

I fell for it as when I first googled phone number must have typed it in wrong, so didn't pop up. So I got report and sent it, I am sure I won't see him

15, Oct. 2018

Please get these criminals, as I read in the news, of similar people who got called, and when they pressed 1, their identity was stolen.

15, Oct. 2018

This company calls multiple times a day from 7 am to 10 pm from a recorded message that puts you on hold.

15, Oct. 2018

All calls are for the same thing, free personal alert devices.

Juan Carlos
13, Oct. 2018

Mucho ojos estos de son tremendos, estfadores te enseñan una cosa y despues te venden otra, que no podre ningun tipo de calidad ojo con lo que enseñan, que realmente no es lo que venden

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