Area Code 213

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Area code: 213
State: California
Country: USA
20, Jan. 2017

block this number

20, Jan. 2017

I have also received numerous calls from 12157000001 (Pennsylvania) that have the same recorded message.

20, Jan. 2017

Called my cell SEVEN times today, goes to voice mail and never leaves a message, just fills my vm box with dead air for 10 seconds each time. My call blocker shows they call at least once a week. No idea how I got on their list. Someone shoot me now.

20, Jan. 2017

These people keep calling my phone from different states with different phone numbers trying to get me to buy Viagra I asked them to stop they will not stop calling

20, Jan. 2017

I received the exact same text this morning. "Hello This is Clark Raymond I want know if you do deep tissue or Swedish massage and accept credit card as form of payment?" From phone number 213-295-4345. I do, but after having read this thread, I just replied that I do not.

19, Jan. 2017

Talked about offering no interest on credit card.

19, Jan. 2017

She had little to say in response besides something like Oh.

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18, Jan. 2017

They have taken money from me. Scammed me out of $3300. I don't know what their problem is but I believe they're still in everybody's identities and taking money from them

18, Jan. 2017

Call has something to due with interest rates on credit cards.

18, Jan. 2017

Called our business phone line, asking business owner, when I told to leave message due to currently he was in the meeting, they hung up the phone. Who the hell are they? no manner on the phone...

17, Jan. 2017

I pressed one and asked to be removed from their robocall list.

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16, Jan. 2017

They called my cell this morning at 10:10 am and my home at 4:30 pm them 5 minuts later I get a phone call on my house from the retired policeman that want donations or something but they specifically asked for me by name from the phone number 940-9207 5597 from Trabuco Canyon California and I think they've called me from that number before which is kind of coincidental I don't know what's going on but I'm on the Do Not Call List and this is just a bunch of crap

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