Area Code 213

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Area code: 213
State: California
Country: USA
22, Jun. 2018

Initially a recording then I pressed 1 to speak to a person. I was told I would be arrested within 24 hours if I didn’t pay 7k immediately ‼️

22, Jun. 2018

Sounded like a solar company.

22, Jun. 2018

This is the second call we have received in the last week, and the second time I have instructed them to not call.

22, Jun. 2018

They call repeatedly, refusing to leave a message.

21, Jun. 2018

Recorded message about alarm systems.

21, Jun. 2018

I just received the call they are claiming as an IRS AND an arrest warrant is issued against me call back immediately

21, Jun. 2018

This company calls everyday.

21, Jun. 2018

Number is from Texas.

21, Jun. 2018

I have been getting many unsolicited calls lately

21, Jun. 2018

This call actually occurred at 10:45AM our time.

21, Jun. 2018

Just received a call from 213-799-1499 at 10:05 PM and I hear “shhh I’ve got an answer”. The guy that could barely speak English states he’s calling about the security of my computer and then how I’m doing this evening. I’m sure he was surprised when I gave him an earful first for calling me after 10pm, let alone the KNOWN cut off times then for the fact I’ve asked repeatedly to be removed from their call list for my home number AND my cell phone. Something has got to be done about these jerks!

21, Jun. 2018

We signed up for a Hilton Rewards account at least a year ago and these people won't stop calling me. They use various numbers and so it's hard to eliminate them totally. I have an entry in my phone contacts called, "Hilton Rewards" so that I can add the new numbers as they call and then block them. Obviously, businesses do this because they are successful at getting people to book/buy, but I think it's pretty cheesy that one hotel stay can generate a year's worth of phone calls. When I travel, I generally choose the place that's most convenient in my price range, but if this keeps up, I ,may start going out of my way not to stay at a Hilton.

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