Area Code 213

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Area code: 213
State: California
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2018

I will request a do not call AGAIN, just to make sure it hasn't expired.

17, Aug. 2018

He called and left a voicemail saying his name was Michael and that he had a summons that he would go to my house work and family member houses .. so I called back knowing it's a scam and told him I was gonna go to his house and his work and family members house these guys think they are bullies but they are just scammers !!

16, Aug. 2018

Text message saying my Visa card has been locked. I don't have a Wells Fargo account.

16, Aug. 2018

Received a text from this number today claiming to be from Wells Fargo bank. Called the bank to verify - this is fraud..

16, Aug. 2018

This happens everyday and needs to stop

16, Aug. 2018


16, Aug. 2018

Still happening! > Hi, still available? Price sounds good. Please kindly text Dan Sweeney on (213) 935-9592 ASAP! Thanks so much

16, Aug. 2018

Google search indicates country code for Haiti, but may be spoofed.

15, Aug. 2018

I know it is a scam and have said that I don't need their help, yet they keep calling.

15, Aug. 2018

Every day, I receive a call from these idiots. The telephone number keeps changing. I don't bother picking up the telephone at all. These callers must be sued in court.

Joseph Bifflestick
14, Aug. 2018

Scam home loan.

14, Aug. 2018

Also the shipping is paid so all I need to do is to set up the delivery time.

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