Phone: 213-631-7908

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Los Angeles, California
Its exchange 631 is managed by BLUE LICENSES HOLDING, LLC
The number is currently on switch number CYCMCALLCM5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 33% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 21 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "local office, None"
10, Jan. 2014

They call constantly, They never give the name of the company, or their name

21, Jan. 2014


21, Feb. 2014

they call and say nothing

5, Mar. 2014

Called my cell, left no message.

Rabbi rick
31, Mar. 2014

This number is NOT for DirecTv. It is for people posing as collectors for DirecTv to extort money. This is the same scam as "You owe money for an online loan/ payday advance/ etc." They call numbers at random trying to scare someone who may owe or who doesn't know if they owe into giving them money. It is an extortion ring.

25, Apr. 2014

Call and say nothing. ????

5, May. 2014

Calls say "Local Office". When I answer no one says anything. I called back from office phone and they wouldn't give me any information because they didn't recognize the office phone number. Weird :-/

22, May. 2014

Stop these scammers dead in their tracks by reporting them to various watchdog groups and government agencies. Then cease and desist them. They harass people that they have no contracts with. They do not even know why they are calling.

5, Jun. 2014

called and I answered without knowing who they were...just a loud buzzing white space noise.

21, Jul. 2014

No one says anything when I answer.

23, Oct. 2014

they keep calling, when I finally answered there was a weird taping sound in the backround. when I don't answer they leave a voicemail.

31, Oct. 2014

They called didn't say anything. I called back they said they were collection agency. I asked for whom and was told I had to give my social and date of birth, I refused the person on the phone said "Well we will get our money however we have too", I said I don't believe I owe anyone, she said to run my f****** credit report and find out. When I asked her to remove me from their call list she said "I will not you have refused to answer our letters so we have the right to call you" then the line went dead!

31, Oct. 2014

I just googled the number and it provided a map and it was near my home very strange.

21, Nov. 2014

They never leave a message nor do they speak when the phone is answered. I will report to the FTC if this continues. Today, 11-21-14 is the last day I will put up with this.

24, Nov. 2014

They keep calling and whenever i answer, there is nobody on the other end. It is so annoying. It sounds like very disorganized, dilettante scammers.

5, Dec. 2014

I answered and the was no response.

11, Dec. 2014

Call and hang up

17, Dec. 2014

been called several times past 2 weeks, i pick up and no answer. also for some reason phone forwards from my cell phone to business line i call back number and no answer

24, Dec. 2014

I think this number is a fraud number. They dont have answering machine and never leave messages

23, Jan. 2015


29, Jan. 2015

They call constantly but will not tell you why they are calling, it said local office.

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