Phone: 213-457-4056

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Los Angeles, California
Its exchange 457 is managed by MCI METRO ATS, INC. - CA
The number is currently on switch number LSAGCAXADS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 36% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 55 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Extortionist, Angie"
9, Nov. 2012

Two times now, I just don't answer

29, Nov. 2012

received at least 5 calls in 2 days. did not answer, but they keep calling.

29, Nov. 2012

called and said nothing

5, Dec. 2012

looks familar but called and said nothing. When called back, no answer or ring.

12, Dec. 2012

Trying to sell me discounted bundled Verizon phone service for my business.

12, Jan. 2013

Pls stop them calling us. They are bothering people nationwide. I have called the number hoping to get on the Do Not Call list. No one answers.

17, Jan. 2013

1/16/2013; get 2-3 calls a day; if you call the number back it says it has been disconnected; I have AT&T uverse and added the number to my block call list.

18, Jan. 2013

I called the number back after seeing it has called 6 times TODAY alone, and when I called it back I am told via computer it is a non working number. UUUGGGHHHH sooo frustrating.

18, Jan. 2013

Multiple calls from this number every evening. No one speaks - just a delay - then a click and hangs up. Someone needs to do something about this sort of c**p.

18, Jan. 2013

Opinion poll on GOV Cuomo from a cranky marketer / I asked him where he was and he said Manhattan- the phone no can be used like a tie line is this a phone phreaking no Some of the questions were not worded like a professional opinion poll Never give correct income info to these guys

29, Jan. 2013

#213-457-4056 has just called my phone TODAY 1-29-13. Info on here says it's from Los Angeles, CA and the exchange 457 is a hobbyists managed by MCI METRO ARTS, Inc. on switch # LSAGCAXADS0 I have no idea who they are, and wish all the nonsence would stop.

31, Jan. 2013

Same problem; I'm on a do not call list and I have received at least 3 calls a day for more than 4 months...these are the SOBs that should be FINED. When they call, my line is tied up and I've had business calls bounce to Voice Mail.

20, Feb. 2013

Called from LA to tell me in FL that red light cameras save lives.... Such BS, these are MONEY making sceme

12, Mar. 2013

Called on a business line as 2:20 pm East Coast. Someone in the list above mentioned Verizon selling bundled services, and we've certainly had a ton of those. ALL the time. .

19, Mar. 2013

called our business number looking for the person that handles Verizon. Told him I was not interested and didn't need a min. wage telemarketer telling me what I needed.

4, Apr. 2013

I am a PI Woman states she is from Verizon. I said are you a third party reseller? Answer No. I said I will ask you once more time are you a 3rd party reseller. She got huffy and said I am looking at your record now, we dont have fios in your area, I do it's fron Verizon directly.

19, Apr. 2013

I was called this morning from this number. A male person was on the other end and said something about not being a telemarketer but that he had information about an award for money that i should get. He asked me if i had ever been on birth control of any type. I am sure he was a bit surprised when i said I had not. He then asked me a couple other questions and I told him that I was not going to answer and hung up. I am a little leary that he may have gotten my phone number due to my responding to a post on Craigs List. I am not sure but will not be answering any more calls from this number.

2, May. 2013

I just keep on getting calls from this number stating that they I have money outstanding which is a lie. Please beaware of these fonney Indian Man and Women. Cover yourself under the blood of jesus.

2, May. 2013

Call was from a man asking very personal questions. He refused to identify himself or his business and unleashed a stream of profanity when I refused to answer his questions. I hung up and he called again several times. Whack job!!

14, May. 2013

They keep calling and as soon as we pick up they ring off. I'm getting fed up with these scum bags.

6, Jun. 2013

Had two calls in two days and no one says anything, they always call at around 8:30pm

6, Jun. 2013

keeps calling my elderly mom and doesn't say anything...she hamgs

13, Jun. 2013

just got a call at 8:20. no one there.

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