Phone: 213-375-0942

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Los Angeles, California
Its exchange 375 is managed by US TELEPACIFIC CORP. - CA
The number is currently on switch number LSANCAGJDS4 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 31% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 16 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "The US Government Tyranny, Rewards"
7, Apr. 2014

Advised I had a warrant from IRS and would have someone appear at my home within 40 minutes to arrest me.

7, Apr. 2014

Claims he is from the IRS. Asked for my attorney's name so that they could prosecute me. Said will send the police to arrest me in 45 minutes. Total scam. Hung up on them.

8, Apr. 2014

Woman with Asian accent that I could barely understand called to tell me they (?) were taking legal action against me and they will call back and I should have my attorney with me. Scam....Scam....Scam

10, Apr. 2014

some Indian guy called about some legal matters from the US treasury dept and to talk to some supervisor David we tried to call back and another Indian guy answered.... suspicious!

17, Apr. 2014

Heavy Indian accent, claimed that this was an emergency call from the Emergency Dept of Legal Affairs of the US Treasury. The only other intelligible word was "lawyer." Many other people on other sites report that this is a scammer, and I agree.

18, Apr. 2014

Heavy Indian accent. Called me 4/18 and said he was a paralegal with the US Justice Department and was calling about a "legal action" the government was taking against me. Told me to call David Williams at 213-375-0942. That's the same number that appeared on caller ID. I told him he was running a scam and I hung up. "John White" called back and left the same message.

19, Apr. 2014

Same as above left message that they are opening a league action against me!

22, Apr. 2014

Heavy Indian accent woman Called me 4/22 and said he was a paralegal with the US Justice Department and was calling about a "legal action" the government was taking against me. Told me to call David Williams at 213-375-0942. That's the same number that appeared on caller ID. I called David WIlliams, he said I was under notice: CP503 and was being charged with 1. Violation of Taxation rules and regulations 2. Malicious Alteration commercial instrument 3. Theft by Deception and that I was going to be arrested in 40mins for 6months in Jail non bailable. I said this illegal to David, that I never received any paper work from the IRS and I know that the IRS has to submit paper work in writing. David then claimed he was getting his supervisor and hung up on me.

25, Apr. 2014

Same story as everyone above but I contacted US Treasury in DC and filed complaint. I guess I'm not the first one.

26, Apr. 2014

Same story as above...being a law abiding tax paying family I knew that this was an instant scam.

Barbara Taylor
29, Apr. 2014

Keeps calling and saying they are with the legal division and said I owe thousands of dollars to the us goverment

20, May. 2015

Received a call this morning but I didn't answer put it on my blocked list

21, May. 2015

well the google photo address clearly shows it as an apartment....

30, May. 2015

Called this number back. Said I had recently visited a sponsor website and won a $100 Visa card, to choose (1) for accepting it, or (2) for putting my number on the "do not call list." I already am in the government/s "Do Not Call List", but I clicked the (2) anyways. I figure they want my information for future mailings or phone contacts, since I have not entered my phone number or name in any websites lately.

1, Jun. 2015

Same is here. They called me. I didn't pick it up. No one left a voice mail. I added this number to my reject list.

2, Jun. 2015

Was threatened with beheading if I didn't submit to a broke judicial system that governs itself like an immoral auction house. Was told I was to forfeit all of my legal rights, and money, until rendered Pro Se, so they could commit fraud protected from FBI investigations and prosecutions by "judicial immunity". It seems a bunch of dishonest lawyer swine have "legislated" two branch government, making the judicial system "its own government." They now do as they please. I was warned to NOT to sign the national referendum to abolish judicial immunity. It take it seriously. Lawyers and judges in America are criminal terrorists... and they just called me to advise me as same. LISTEN. OBEY. YOU HAVE ZERO RIGHTS. YOU REMAIN "FREE" ONLY IF YOU ABIDE BY THEIR RULES. IF THEY HARM YOU, REMAIN SILENT. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. IF YOU VIOLATE THE LAW YOU WILL BE IMPRISONED. SO, REMAIN SILENT AND OBEY. WELCOME TO THE NEW AMERICA.

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