Phone: 213-337-0014

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Los Angeles, California
Its exchange 337 is managed by MCI METRO ATS, INC. - CA
The number is currently on switch number LSAGCAXADS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 34% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 233 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "d**k, MCI ITTS TELESYS"
Tired of Scammers
29, Jul. 2013

Call us to have me open the "Run" box on Windows 7. Let the fuckers go all the way through unitl the "Tech" Guy got on the call.... Then plyed dumb until I had enough and called him out on his scam. He persisted that he was calling from Windows located in Florrrrrida. Told him he was a scammer because Windows was a badge not a corporation.... Watch out for these african fuckers.. Microsoft or "Windows" doesn't call you about a virus..... That type of issue would be solved in a weekely update...

29, Jul. 2013

Chris (with a very hard Indian Accent) and his partner in Crime "Alex Watson" called that they were law enforcement and were coming to take me in. This was a hoax, but they were VERY persistent, calling me at least 20 times within 15 minutes, from other numbers as well: 206-777-1016; Seattle WA) and 347-775-2688 (NY); Did a call block on them and also an unknown number block. Also initiated Call trace, but if they are using VOIP of just spoofing, not really going to work. This is ridiculous. caller ID on this # was MCI ITSS TELESY

29, Jul. 2013

A guy from this company called me and I politely told him to please take me off his list and he condescendingly told me twice that I need to contact the actual federal do not call list. The third time I told him to take me off of HIS list. He responded with "YOU PEOPLE!" and hung up on me. Lovely.

30, Jul. 2013

The caller indicated that his name was Fred Williams and that he was from the Technical Support Department of the Department of Computers for the Cyber Support company. He also said that they were the global technical department of computers based on the Windows operating system. He said that my computer was in danger because of malicious viruses and malware. He said that he would instruct me through some steps to protect my computer. He told me to click on the start menu and access the Run command window (windows key + R key) the enter “EVENTVWR” in the Open box to open the Windows Event Viewer. A window for the Event Viewer opened. He asked me what was on the left side of the screen. It was the Event Viewer heading which I stated. He then asked me the same question at least three more times for some reason, of course I replied ‘Event Viewer’. He got agitated and said “f**k Off” then hung up. I think that he would have pointed out some statistic which would alarm me through the event viewer. Then he would lead me to some web site that would do a background install of actual malware or etc to slave my computer, access my personal information, or otherwise intrude on my computer. Lastly the caller’s dialect and accent sounded as if from India. He was in a loud call center because I could hear other phone representatives reading from the same call script during our call.

30, Jul. 2013

Received our first call today- they left no message.

4, Aug. 2013

said if i took certain drugs i may be eligible for compensation very annnoying

5, Aug. 2013

Threatened me with a restraining order.

6, Aug. 2013

Sayting they were taking me to court and going to talk to my employer Had this before and reported number to my business and they blocked it.

7, Aug. 2013

wanted donations for veterans. I asked him what war? He was foreign and could not name a war that America was involved in. Said something in Arabic i could not understand and hung up.

7, Aug. 2013

Threating me that i was going to be arrested. The government should do something about stopping this none sense.

9, Aug. 2013

Got several calls from this number saying i was being sued for something i know nothing about! When i call back to get a hold of somebody number is busy all the time . I wish these people would get a real job and leave us alone SORRY b******s !!!!!!

10, Aug. 2013

Calls me every day for months. I never answer and they never leave a message. I will never answer so u can stop calling me.

10, Aug. 2013

Fraud telemarketing...continuous robocalls

10, Aug. 2013

Every day. Why can't anyone track these morons and stop them from harassing us?

11, Aug. 2013

Calls almost everyday for the last 2 weeks. leave no message. When I do answer there is no one there. Tried calling the number back. number not in service

12, Aug. 2013

said I had 4 hours to call them back or have my lawyer call them

13, Aug. 2013

This number has called me, he did not leave a number and aid I have 4 hours to respond, or I could be summons to appear in court. Because someone has filed a restraining order against me. told me to contact my lawyer. The most annoying thing is they keep calling my job. But they say If I do not contact them they will be forced to contact my employer. I wish they would leave me alone. I am so sick of them. I've even tried calling back on the number that they give me 216-217-5984. but I never get an answer.

14, Aug. 2013

I get average two calls a day. I answer no one there. I have tried to call back get busy signal. I am on the do not call list. Calls come late evening also. Help me get rid of these people.

15, Aug. 2013

Whom ever this is stated that I had a restraning order filed against me and to protect my privacy they are reframing from contacting my employor to protect my privacy. If i don't contact a litigator at ( 216) 644-1249 i will have to appear in court to show cause.

15, Aug. 2013

I rcvd an unsolicited call from a supposed Windows Svc Center Services Tech, concerning a large number of error msgs they received from my computer. Asked me to access my computer and he would remote assist me in fixing problem. I ended the call and did a quick google to learn that this was part of a reported scam.

15, Aug. 2013

Called & asked if I was aware my computer was downloading some malicious content on to or from the Internet. Caller spoke broken English with a thick foreign accent from which country/region I'm unsure.

17, Aug. 2013

Caller called twice in less than an hour. Upon answering the 2nd call, the purpose of their call was that I was having problem with windows on my computer...I stopped them and stating that they scammers and do not call me any more

19, Aug. 2013

Not an American. Stated they were going to pay off on W/C until the attorney was mentioned.

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