Area Code 212

Additional information:

Area code: 212
State: New York
Country: USA
20, Jan. 2017

I then googled the phone number and it came back as Lowermybills.

19, Jan. 2017

Caller said I have a complaint from some court against me.. To know more, I must call another number to find out the details. This guy is just phony bologna, because usually one receives papers from the local county sheriff if one is being sued. In no way does one receive an out of state phone call that if you give so and so some money, he will drop the suit against you.. This just a money extortion scam, and it is a federal offense to impersonate a court official. The FBI should be made aware of this phone number, but these fuckers move on from state to state to do the same thing all over again. I just HUNG UP.

18, Jan. 2017

I have never done business with them and do not ever intend to do business with them.

18, Jan. 2017

Sometimes they leave voicemails other times they don't.

16, Jan. 2017

On June 30 at 9 am the number 713-955-5682 registered as "Charity" called my house phone and a man asked if "Edward" was there. The call was registered on my answering machine. This is a phone scam as I found out from the internet, many people as reported receiving calls from this "supposed charity", it is pure harrassment.

12, Jan. 2017

They have been calling me everyday at around 6:30 PM for the last month.

11, Jan. 2017

Calls daily, leaves no msg

9, Jan. 2017

This company had been harassing me at home for over 12 months now.

9, Jan. 2017

Said he wanted to give me a ten minute survey at dinner time. I said no thank you. Hung up

5, Jan. 2017

Recording was in Spanish

3, Jan. 2017

Nelson I had asked this company not to call me 2 weeks earlier and had registered that complaint with your agency.

31, Dec. 2016

Foreign thieves trying to sell illegal fake drugs and steal my credit card numbers.

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