Area Code 212

Additional information:

Area code: 212
State: New York
Country: USA
19, Oct. 2017

My credit cards are monitored.

18, Oct. 2017

This Company has been calling our business repeatedly for several months, when I answered and confronted them about this they hung up.

17, Oct. 2017

They have called me twoice before telling me I have won a free computer class course on my cell number.

17, Oct. 2017

Known scam asking about Windows pc. Just an excuse to gain access to your pc or sell fake renewal

17, Oct. 2017

and when doing so they are rude!

16, Oct. 2017

Everyone here in the office is getting calls from this "student loan services.. IT IS A SCAM.. Some one name Mark ( the manager of this company is keep calling from (949-377-0092.. This has to stop

12, Oct. 2017

They call several times a day every day.

12, Oct. 2017

That call a lot and this is an American express scam do not give any info. Hang up and put them on a block list

12, Oct. 2017

Call originated in Florida

12, Oct. 2017

They keep calling telling me that my computer / windows program contacted them and it has a virus that I need to pay them to fix.

12, Oct. 2017

I am going to file a suit for harassment and violation of the DNC rights.

12, Oct. 2017

This is Convergent. Mostly, they are bill collectors - especially for medical bills.

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