Phone: 212-777-8457

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New York, New York
Its exchange 777 is managed by VERIZON NEW YORK, INC. - NY
The number is currently on switch number NYCMNY13DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 48% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 60 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of " East Indian , scammer"
22, Jan. 2014

Somebody yelling at me in Japanese, I think

23, Jan. 2014

claimed to be from microsoft

6, Feb. 2014

called at 8:15 in the morning. I didn't think they were allowed to call so early only after 9am.

11, Feb. 2014

caller, named kevin ,claimed he was from microsoft, and when i repeated his name kevin, he stated f**k off!

13, Feb. 2014

Said they were from Microsoft and that there was a problem with my pc and I told him that I didn't have a pc and he hung up...

15, Feb. 2014

I received a call at 7:45 am by a man with a foreign accent stating Ithat he was from Microsoft and my computer Was sending multiple errors and I needed to go on my computer. When I asked if I could call him back to verify who he was he got very nasty and hung up.

18, Feb. 2014

Yep, we got that call today too. Said there was a problem with our Windows 7 and that he had been receiving multiple errors over the last few.days. he then requested that we turn our computer on. We simply said no, and hung up. This was a live person, not a recording for us.

19, Feb. 2014

Hadn't received a call from these people in a long time, but today they were at it again. These people are a bunch of crooks that prey on ordinary unsuspecting citizens. I Hope they get arrested.

26, Feb. 2014

have had 2 calls from this person. sounds like he's possibly indian. wanted me to "see with my own eyes" the protocol errors microsoft was receiving from me. hung up on me when i told him that wasn't about to happen. truly don't think a legit microsoft support technician would hang up without giving proper ID and or phone number to call to verify that the problem was real.

27, Feb. 2014

Same thing than MJ's call... :(

27, Feb. 2014

I got the F off treatment too, when I asked them to quit calling me

28, Feb. 2014

said my computer was sending him messages that need fixing. I told him this was a scam and he used profanity.

3, Mar. 2014

Got a call in Canada. Vond was his name. Foreign accent asking to go to my PC for errors. I asked his last name, his company and what number I could reach him and he told me to F off. I told him I was sending the cops after them ! He called back 5 seconds after saying "hello this is the police"... bunch of idiots !

4, Mar. 2014

they said nothing and hung up then had this number b4 itv30420473300020

6, Mar. 2014

Got a call this morning from these guys 212 777-8457. Asian accent individual, claimed to work for Microsoft and he told me that my computer was infected with some virus and he needed to check something. I played along to find out exactly what he was looking for... he asked me launch a browser session, and type in "" in the URL. by LogMeIn is a totally legit site, great for virtual meetings and specially to remote access to computers. I use it all the time to remote in my parents computer when they need help. These manipulative a*s**les will take advantage of these tools to get to you and your computer. Needless to say once I knew what he was up to, I confronted him, a couple of F**K YOU's were exchanged and he hung up on me.

8, Mar. 2014

They called at 7:30 this morning, SATURDAY!!

9, Mar. 2014

I didn't answer the phone but looked up the phone number, seems to be a scam.

11, Mar. 2014

Said he was from microsoft. I have got three of these calls.

12, Mar. 2014

Same think about problem with microsoft

Not A Dumb Blonde
12, Mar. 2014

Have recv'd 3 calls from these scam artists in the past 24 hrs. I was told that I had asked to call me back to-day; bullocks. I really enjoy wasting their time plus giving them a hard time too. I play along and type what they tell, BUT, I'm using an old selectric typewriter and they never catch on to the strange sound of my typewriter. They become very frustrated when I tell them that my "computer" isn't responding and my "screen" is blank inspite of doing what they tell me. The last s****.threaten me by saying he was going to hack into my computer and destroy it. At that point I used my emergency whistle and gave him an earful and hung up. Even though the area code is for New York I believe these calls originate in India, Pakistan or Nigiria. Maybe if more of us waste their time they'll move to another country; about China.

14, Mar. 2014

Just receive a call form 212-777-8457, woman with Indian accent She was telling me she work for Microsoft and my computer was sending error message I told her I contact myself Microsoft last week and find out it was a scam Than I inform her I could complaint to the CRTC (for Canada only) and she hung up

17, Mar. 2014

212-777-8457 called Canada at 1.30 this afternoon. I did not answer as they have called before,

Live for these calls!!!!
17, Mar. 2014

Guy has twice today (3/17) first time I answered there was a delayed and I said hello one more time and let him babble on about needing to get to my computer. 2nd time I put the call on speaker phone, answered it and again started in with the same line, so folks I figured ya going to play me I'll play you. So I said speak up I can barely hear you, you must be very, very far away and he did! Okay as a jerk that I am I asked him to keep repeating what he wanted me to do, go on to computer he said!! "Commuter?" "No I don't drive to work, I work from home" I said. Okay finally he madly spelled out COMUPTER and I paused and said, "loser?" Are you calling me a loser?" "That's not nice!!!" He hung up....

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