Phone: 212-777-8451

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New York, New York
Its exchange 777 is managed by VERIZON NEW YORK, INC. - NY
The number is currently on switch number NYCMNY13DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 53% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 13 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Do Not Know, None"
3, Sep. 2013

Has called me 4 times last 2 days. No message. Only rings once. Tried calling the number and receive a message stating the number is not in service.

5, Sep. 2013

has called multiple times a day for a few days now. Tried calling the number from another phone, and it does not ring into anyone, I get a new dialtone

7, Sep. 2013

they tried giving me a cruise and got rude when i asked how they got my phone number...

25, Sep. 2013


7, Oct. 2013

Called several times over a 6 hour period on a Saturday while my office was closed. No message.

22, Oct. 2013

They called me twice within minutes. When I noticed, I called back. I got a message they the phone number was disconnected or the number had been changed. I went back to work leaving my phone in my car. They called back but left no message.

30, Oct. 2013

I have received dozens of calls from this number over the last two months. I called back from work and got the same out of service message. Annoying is an understatement. Why can't our cell phone service providers do something???

14, Nov. 2013

Who are these people? I get called twice a day for the past month (NOV 2013). They leave no message. Has to be a telemarketer or other kind of public agitator.

22, Nov. 2013

Says I "won" 2 cruise tickets to the Bahamas for 2 nights. transferred to somebody trying to sell me things, they were phishing for credit card info.

11, Dec. 2013

I also got calls from this number to my cell phone but no messages. The caller hung up before I could answer.

21, Dec. 2013

I've experienced exact same for 2 days now!!!

4, Jan. 2014

called around 8pm on a Friday evening. when i dialled back, it said "number no longer in service at this time". then how did it get listed as the call number? too late to call phone co into weekend

27, Jan. 2014

I also got calls from this number to my cell phone.

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