Area Code 210

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Area code: 210
State: Texas
Country: USA
26, Sep. 2018

My mobile phone just went off and the Caller ID read #. # didn't leave a message. I want them to stop telephoning.

26, Sep. 2018

They called saying my husband had a debt of 940$ from a credit card that they said he owed...her name was Carmen( no last name.. They said ).we could settle this case for 300$. If not then my husband was gonna be served papers .to go to court.I thought it over and asked Carmen I needed proof that they were legit.?! She got so angry at me.and then said my husband was gonna owe 3000$.when I also asked to speak to a so called attorney they said was on my husbands case.they hung up.

26, Sep. 2018

I volunteer a self - help organization and have been given a Android phones. I constantly get many mobile phone calls from this company. The day before yesterday morning I called them from a landline to inquie to be taken off their list of callers, but this guy who answered was blunt. I tried over and over, but then the man said they already had this number said they were wrong, said they made it wrong, but then I heard dial tone. I phoned yet again to ask to talk to their chief. The person told me that there is no supervisor and wouldn't talk to me.

26, Sep. 2018

Call said they have free coupons

26, Sep. 2018

They don’t seem to understand my explanations. Any advice? I am not going to sit and wait. Racketeers!

25, Sep. 2018

I answered this telephone call from# and was unsure. I tried to phone back today but no one was there. I ill try agan after work.

25, Sep. 2018

Someone left a message on our answering service stating that USAirways told them to call us.

25, Sep. 2018

I called this number and requested removal via automation, which said it would take up to 72 hours to remove.

25, Sep. 2018

I reported the abuse to the cfpb day before yesterday. I get nowhere. The phone number is annoying me. I can't stand them.

25, Sep. 2018

this is not my bank.

25, Sep. 2018

Have asked several times for them to stop, they claim they do, yet weeks later I get another call.

25, Sep. 2018

all they do is call from a different number than the ones I have previously blocked.

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