Area Code 210

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Area code: 210
State: Texas
Country: USA
22, Jun. 2017

Scam, says he is Michael Langley

Jose Padron
21, Jun. 2017

I just give them address of you neighbor accros the street and watched the installer banginig on their door at 4 pm. hahaha and they calling from India not from Texas..

21, Jun. 2017

Possible collection agency. Left message for unrecognizable name, not mine, although I have had number for over 15 yrs.

19, Jun. 2017

Received the same message.... this is Cory from Park Enterprises, I believe you were corresponding with one of Jason Pathenger's assistants via linked in about an opportunity ... blah blah blah Happy it went yo my voicemail and that I was not here to receive the call!

16, Jun. 2017

this number(210-570-1760) keeps calling me several times a day, but hangs up before I even answer. when I try to call back i get a recording that call did not go through. So I can't even tell them to put me on do not call list. How do I get them to stop?

14, Jun. 2017

Didn't leave a msg

14, Jun. 2017

I keep getting calls from 210-963-8475,76,91,98,82,95,97,72,61,84, and 94. No one is ever there. The calls come on both my cell phone and landline. I no longer answer them, but they keep calling.

13, Jun. 2017

Told me I was eligible for student loan forgiveness and when I pressed 1 a man said hello and nothing else

13, Jun. 2017

This ass told me that he was from Google, and that people were complaining about porn messages coming from my wife's hotmail account. I said some nasty things about him and hung up. He sounded Indian.

9, Jun. 2017

Everybody knows "Do Not Call" does NOT Work. Try "No More Robot Calls" @ It's a no fee service (for VoiP land lines), eliminated 95 % of my Spam. Check the site . . . it explains how it works and it costs nothing (for land lines) ! [And No, I don't have stock in the company, but I wish I did!]

4, Jun. 2017

Wish I would of read these reviews. I pulled up to this guys place and was worried. His property was a crap hole, then I saw him. An overgrown unshaven teletubby looking guy, wearing suspenders, a du rag and freaking crocs for shoes. I damn near busted out luaghing. Ever meet a person that just never shuts up? This guy covers up his lack of techincal knowledege by endlessly spewing repair stories from his vast customer base. All of them go on like this, dumbass customer come to me, I instanly fix dumbass customer car with a minor part, I am the hero. That's great and all but he couldn't instantly fix my car, he obviously got stumped, because he finally shut up. After standing in the hot ass sun in front of his house for 1hr with no progress, I made an excuse to leave. He tried getting some money for his vast experience of nothingness. That didn't happen and the overgrown teletubby stomped off. What a waste of my time. So I went to pepboys, air control valve was bad, ran me 150.00. My advice to William is to find another occupation, if scamming others out of there hard earn money is your goal, then you are a sack of shit. If you are really trying to be a mechanic then you are sorry as shit. Maybe take a class at least look the part, my god you look silly.

1, Jun. 2017

Never called the number. Automated voice asking someone whose name doesn't sound familiar. Hung up in 20 seconds. Added to phone's blocked number list.

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