Phone: 210-892-2188

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San Antonio, Texas
Its exchange 892 is managed by TEX-LINK COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
The number is currently on switch number SNANTX91WMD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 28% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 39 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Credit One, They don\'t give their name"
9, Dec. 2011

number keeps on calling

9, Dec. 2011

it's an annoying debt collector, i've told them so many times before that I'll make the payment in 3 days, but the calls persist. As soon as I pay off my debt I'm taking the business elsewhere

28, Feb. 2012

Calling to bring account current.

8, Jul. 2012

This number has just called my cell phone 11 times in the past 20 minutes.

1, Aug. 2012

Credit One Bank....unrelentless calls...Leaves no messages, so annoying

12, Sep. 2012

The caller wanted me to verify myself with my social security number i would not do it.

25, Nov. 2012

unrelentless calls...Leaves no messages, so annoying

2, Dec. 2012

Credit one bank..I was in an accident and unable to pay at this time..I talked to them twice about it and they call me 15 times a day not even exaggerating. Even on Sunday ..isn't this harassment I talked twice to them..I mean Sundays..come on

fred flintstone
5, Dec. 2012

Talk about relentless. This number calls my number every thirty minutes and never leave a message. This is a total lack of professionalism. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize.

6, Jan. 2013

This number calls 8 to 12 times a day including Sundays. There are about 5 to 20 minutes between calls that they call. I mean really if that isn't harassment I don't what it would be called.

21, Jan. 2013

Keeps calling, then doesn't say anything. I just hang up.

21, Jan. 2013

Calls every day all day even after I've set up a payment plan for Credit One. I'm paying off in full with my tax refunds and canceling the card. I can understand 90 days late, but I was 3 days late and they had already attempted to call numerous times. Even after telling them I was at work and couldn't talk they still tried to keep me on the phone. After I told them I was hanging up and then did so because of work, they immediately called me back again. Thinking about just adding the number to my blocked caller list.

Jabber from NJ
28, Jan. 2013

Calls come in inone stop, no messages left, 20 x a day. If this is credit one no idea why they are calling my # all my accounts are current

1, Feb. 2013

They are relentless. I just called them 2 days ago to say the payment would be they call minimum of 10 times a day..not kidding. Calls are anywhere from 10 minutes apart to 30 minutes apart. Paying the card off & going with another company. I got less harassment in divorce court! ....o.0....

3, Feb. 2013

I have told those people not to call my house after 8 pm. I have a small child sleeping and they have woke him up more then once. I'm going to get this card paid off and go some where else. this is very unprofessional for a company to be this rude. How in the world did they get my cell phone number. I have blocked them from my home phone. how do I block them on my cell.

4, Feb. 2013

calling nonstop i closed the account and they still call me, want me to pay interrest when I owe NOTHING

6, Feb. 2013

I m a week late this f*****g number calls my 20 times a day .....

13, Mar. 2013

Amazing. These guys keep calling me about someone else. I tell them they have the wrong phone number. They are calling my cell phone. They refuse to believe I'm not the person they are calling and just keep calling back. In addition, they refuse to tell me who they are.

13, Mar. 2013

Okay, here's what you do. These guys are pure harassment. The only way to get this stuff to stop is to make it too expensive to be worthwhile. So, every time they call, I find something to do that allows me to talk so I don't waste my own time. Than, I attempt to keep them on the phone for at least 30 minutes per phone call. The key is to keep asking "what" and "sorry, you're breaking up, can you repeat that." They get very frustrated. Just try not to laugh ...

14, Apr. 2013

I was one day late. I work third shift and just had a baby which I take care of when I get off work. The guy kept insisting on me making a payment and argued with me about it. Would not end the conversation. He was very rude. I'm going to paythe whole amount off and cancel my card. They charged my card $94 before I even got it. I would not recommend getting a card with credit one. This was the worst mistake I've ever made. DONT USE THEIR CARD.

22, Apr. 2013

They will start calling if your account is 10 days past due. They wont stop until your account is current (even if you make arrangements to pay).

26, Jun. 2013

The first time this number had called they asked for Maria. I responded that they had the wrong number. Since then they have called me countless amounts of times. They never answer when I pick up nor do they leave any voice mails .

20, Jul. 2013

Began a pattern of calling my home phone several times a day. I researched the number and it appears to be a debt collector, "Credit One Bank". I have no past due accounts. I will file a complaint with the federal agencies.

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