Phone: 210-519-6126

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San Antonio, Texas (519) exchange.
Around 38% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "sil, Magic Jack"
8, Aug. 2013 Reply

i spoke to silvester and he is realy owsum he helpd me out in computer wrk

8, Aug. 2013 Reply

i dont know estin called me up be aware he is a scam

24, Sep. 2013 Reply

Got a scam call about Mircosoft and computer work

25, Sep. 2013 Reply


25, Sep. 2013 Reply


25, Sep. 2013 Reply

He said Microsoft on my computer has not been responding for 3 weeks. Not true. I asked who he was and he claimed to be a certified computer technician. SCAM!

8, Oct. 2013 Reply

They've called me on both my home phone and cell phone now within the last few weeks. Let them know he's nothing but a scammer and hung up on him

8, Oct. 2013 Reply

Read the comment from Chales above. He is either "Silvester" the imposter or "owsum" friend of the scammer that called me. I 1st thought the call was from Nigeria, but found out it was almost as bad, "Texas". If you get a call from 210-519-6126, HANG UP!!!!!

20, Oct. 2013 Reply

Calls keep coming from this number and I don't answer. No msg left and when I call back, it says the Vonage customer isn't available.

21, Oct. 2013 Reply

If you have an Android phone.. Or iPhone...... its simple go to the App Store or Play Store... get the "Mr number" app Block out every single incoming number... go into the exceptions section... enter in your most important contacts. This app will hang up on them.. two rings and the phone hangs up.. I just got a call from this is 210 number never even had to pick it up it hung up on them.... I've gotten 25 different calls to international calls it hangs up it's guaranteed.... be sure to put in your contacts as "exceptions"

21, Oct. 2013 Reply

Go to this website post a complaint about this person Push to complain about him might get his phone service shut off

Brent Wilson
22, Oct. 2013 Reply

This jerk calls about 2 or 3 times a week. He never leaves a message and he is associated with Magic Jack. I wish these people would get real jobs that do not infringe on people's time and cell phone service.

22, Oct. 2013 Reply

calls my phone 2 or 3 times a day. never leaves a message, i just wish he would stop calling my no.

23, Oct. 2013 Reply

How do you stop them from calling you --- I am tired of them using my cell minutes up and wasting my time.

28, Oct. 2013 Reply

This number has called my phone numerous times,also never leaving a voice mail. Today they called 3 times in a row every 45 mins!

1, Nov. 2013 Reply

well known scam group. caller states there are issue with computer updates and then proceeds to attempt to get caller to divulge personal data. phishing fraud. company name changes depending on the day. all callers sound vaguely indian and refuse to give out any real information about the "company" when pressed.

8, Nov. 2013 Reply

I think I'm on an automated list because no one is there when I pick up. Somebody please find this guy and get him to stop, its really annoying that I get calls from him once a day and can't stop them.

16, Nov. 2013 Reply

ask me to let him fix my computer tells me windows is not working correctly

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