Phone: 209-858-3919

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Manteca, California
Its exchange 858 is managed by VERIZON CALIFORNIA INC. - CA
The number is currently on switch number LTHPCAXFRS3 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 17% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 41 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "voice message, Great Lakes"
5, Oct. 2012

I missed this call twice but got no voicemail. I'm suspicious because this area code isn't local for me.

11, Oct. 2012

They called me and I answered, it was an automated machine saying this message is for *name* if this is *name* please press 1. I just hung up. I would like to know what they are about though Reply !

11, Oct. 2012

it is possible that if you had debt toward verizon or any of its affiliates, they are trying to collect what you owe them. i came across this site and the map gave me a reminder of my status with them through alltel and realized that it may be them calling.

valley girl
17, Oct. 2012

Received missed call. When I called number back a rep answered "hello" and then I stated I just got a missed call from this number. Rep said my name and then she stated she was calling from great lakes student loans. Interesting since I'm recent with all my payments. Hmmmmm..

17, Oct. 2012

Fraud call. Do not answer.

18, Oct. 2012

I was solicited for phone s*x. weird!! I suggest just Do Not Answer.

26, Oct. 2012

some weirdo offered "personal" services. Really creepy!! Do Not Answer this Number!

30, Oct. 2012

collection agency

30, Nov. 2012

@ valley girl they called me today and said the same with my great lakes acct... but im up to date and if i did owe the actual great lakes would call not this # its worrying me i dont want them to have important info about me.

5, Dec. 2012

When I called back they answered "performance technologies" and asked for some woman's name that I never heard of.

5, Dec. 2012

this needs to stop they keep calling and i have no connection with them

10, Dec. 2012


12, Dec. 2012

GREAT LAKES loans! Bingo! Their calling about my student loans.

12, Dec. 2012

Calling because we're behind on student loans, dang...

14, Dec. 2012

how did they get my cell# and how do I get my # off their list???

31, Dec. 2012

I receve a phone call from them almost every workday. How can I stop it?

15, Jan. 2013

I keep gettinmg calls n a daily basis. for someone who does not live in my house. when i called back got a recording to leave a message. Did leave a message that if I get any more calls I will take the number in to authorities for harassment. same recording everyday, if you are not , so and so, hang, if tyou are so and so, press 1 etc.

21, Jan. 2013

I receive calls from this phone number daily 209-858-3919. It is just a recording saying if you are "so and so" press 1 and if not please hang up. I really wish they would quit calling my phone everyday!!

27, Feb. 2013

called back and wouldnt tell me what this was about and wnated all my info so i hung up.

not the responsible person
22, Mar. 2013

I called back, told the lady I had missed a call from 'this' number... she looked it up and was looking for someone I know, that I guess gave MY number, gee, thank you !student loan, behind on payments and all that sounds like the right number, wrong person!

28, Mar. 2013

1, Apr. 2013

I get phone calls on my cell from these people everyday.When I find out who they are I WILL be reporting this number to the FDIC!!

16, Apr. 2013

I don't have any student loans. Haven't since 1989 I don't have Verizon and never will. How I stop these daily calls?

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