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27, Feb. 2018

I always tell them to put me on their do not call list, and told them that I do not want to purchase any services.

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1, Feb. 2018

It's a scam .a recorded messages from a women about me and tax fraud jail. I returned the call they told me the police was in route with a warrant for my arrest the only way I could get him to call the judge and 911 to stop the arrest I would have to send $190. SCAM

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13, Dec. 2017

Claimed to be selling burglar alarm systems.

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7, Dec. 2017

Some still see the value of what a Sunday is, and we are among those.When we answer, there is no-one there!

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5, Dec. 2017

I think it's a scam

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17, Oct. 2017

Was told I wanted for irs fraud and I had to pay 1500

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8, Mar. 2017

I just got a recorded message from 209-676-4647 that said I was being sued for tax evasion/fraud. It sounded like an electronic voice and not a real person.

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3, Feb. 2017

They sometimes change source of call on the ID.

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12, Jul. 2016

Every 1 -2 hours I keep receiving calls!

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28, Mar. 2016

Have received numerous calls from this number on my cell phone.

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27, Mar. 2016

I asked her to stop calling me.

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18, Mar. 2016

Left a message that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. To call them back.

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17, Mar. 2016

This is my fedral life-line phone number.

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8, Feb. 2016

A robot threatens that if you don't call back you will suffer the consequences of criminal charges against you, and I have never been to Stockon...

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24, Dec. 2015

Told me I bought some drugs from them.

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10, Dec. 2015

They call/fax about 3x per week.

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19, Nov. 2015

Said they were from the IRS and they were going to take legal action against me. Recorded message, no name. I know it's bogus, but I should have picked up and played along

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27, Oct. 2015

He lied and said he spoke with my husband (I am not married).

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19, Sep. 2015

They are trying to get money from people.

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11, Sep. 2015

They called me twice yesterday and 4 times today to tell me that I am approved for a $3000 loan but first I have to send them $180 for verification cost. They claim their company website is ??...This is a scam!!!!

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10, Mar. 2015

Called from 310-510-9153 saying they were the IRS and said I was being contacted because I was being sued for back taxes and needed to call 209-676-8870 ASAP to prevent further action against me. It was a deep voiced women. Scammer all of the way.

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4, Mar. 2015

They have been calling daily for about 6 months, sometimes twice a day, also they use a different number every time they call.

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8, Jan. 2015

I couldn't ask this company to stop calling because the call was a recording.

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18, Dec. 2014

This company has called several times indicating that I have computer problems and that they are assigned to help me.

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26, Nov. 2014

Don't know who they are and don't want them calling me.

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17, Oct. 2014

I've received more unwanted calls since I registered for do not call

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28, Jul. 2014

Called three times in 20 minutes

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22, Jul. 2014

They asked for Carl. Once I told them no one here by that name, they hung up.

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9, Feb. 2014

We have received several call from verious collection companies looking for the same person. Can you do something about this or are you one of the goverment agancies we should cut to help the budget?

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20, Dec. 2013

Claims to work for Microsoft, then gives website as, which is an unregistered domain name. Defrauded my customer of $140 after convincing them they had a virus.

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23, Oct. 2013

Continue to receive calls from this #. Have tried to answer, but no one is there. Never leave a message. I wish they would leave me alone.

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18, Sep. 2013

Hello , I also got a call from this number but they helped me to solve my problems and they are very good guys.. Thank you for your help and keep rocking like this

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30, Jul. 2013

They've called me numerous times. I finally listened and pressed 5 to not be called again. Scammer!

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3, Jul. 2013

Unsolicited text message.

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25, May. 2013

We have received calls from this company from different numbers, often 2 or 3 times in one day. There is never any voice heard on the answer machine.

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14, Mar. 2013

We keep getting prerecorded phone messages. I have tried to talk to someone telling them we are on the do not call list, they hang up.

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6, Mar. 2013

When I answered the phone no one was on the line and then I was disconnected.

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9, Oct. 2012

They are calling for a different person. I have explained this to them at least 4 times. Thank you.